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I am a professional musician with a masters in Physics that became a mastering engineer. I see Mastering as Science meets Art. The best of both worlds!

Professional mastering in a friendly environment.

I like having a conversation about the music and your goals so that the mastering process is as effective and fast as possible.

Visit my website for samples of my work.

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8 Reviews

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  1. Review by Jonathan (joelle & the animals)
    by Jonathan (joelle & the animals)

    We have been working with Andres for our electro-pop project recently. Andres is super professional and definitely got a strong knowledge of sound engineering (mix and master). He is super available and have worked really closed to us to understand the type of sounds we were looking for. Andres is really available regardless of distance and different time zones. I recommend him for your production, don't hesitate, you'll be happy of the result!

  2. Review by Dolce Wang
    by Dolce Wang

    I have been working with Andres on various projects including live shows as well as on producing a new album. He is very professional and brings a great balance of creative and technical professionalism. He has a great workflow and is self-motivated (oftentimes hard to find with fellow artists!), and also very versatile with various types of musical genres and sound design, so it makes him an ideal work partner for creating new ideas! Finally, I would like to add that Andres is very open to critique, while having good artistic taste, which makes him a great collaborator.

  3. Review by Jon Porobil
    by Jon Porobil

    I'm an independent musician recording from a home studio. Andres mastered my most recent album and gave it a real professional shine! He was very professional, advised with multiple questions while I was still in the mixing phase, and once I provided complete mixes for him, he turned them around very quickly. He provided notes for me to adjust things in the mix, and I provided notes on his masters. In all, we did four rounds before the process was finished, and through it all he was communicative, receptive to feedback, and quick with turnaround times. Can't wait to work with him again!

  4. Review by Andrew Guevara
    by Andrew Guevara

    Andres gave a guest lecture for Moreno Valley College's Music Technology course, and I was very impressed with his knowledge and techniques. We will definitely have him back for future guest lectures. Also, Andres mastered a project for MVC's music club, and it came out fantastic! It was not only loud but also clear and pleasant without any added harshness, and I could hear every instrument better. Thank you, Andres, for your phenomenal work!

  5. Review by Michael Ouyang
    by Michael Ouyang

    I have both worked with and hired Andres in several different sound design capacities, and each time Andres has come through with professionalism, a keen ear for detail, quick turnaround times, and his own creative special sauce. These projects included mixing, mastering, and sound design for a narrative podcast; mixing, and mastering funk/rock/fusion music; and mastering my own indie rock album release. In each case, Andres was attentive to the needs of each project, took notes well, added his own creative input (and it was good creative input), and delivered on schedule. Top recommedation.

  6. Review by Kevin
    by Kevin

    Working with Andy was an awesome experience. He really knows his stuff and and created a calm and relaxed environment in which to work. Andy is a true professional and continues improve his skills as both a musician and recording/mastering engineer. I had songs recorded at a different studio and brought them to Andres for mastering. He turned those recordings into gold and was so pleased with the detail he spent on each song and developing a consistent sound quality throughout all the songs. I plan to send my next recorded material to Andres as well. Thanks Andy!

  7. Review by Willy and the wonk eye
    by Willy and the wonk eye

    working with Andres in Shanghai he recorded our first EP(Willie and the wonk eye) Had a fantastic repore with eachother from the strat.!!. He created a warm friendly professional environment for us to be free and create. He really found a way to get our best sound, using the equipment in different places amd using different techniques to find our sound. Andres also delt with any our requests and any changes we required. He out alot of time and effort and energy into or project. He allowed us to put our own ideas forward and also offered his experience when needed. Will be connecting him again!

  8. Review by Jelly Spectacular
    by Jelly Spectacular

    Andres is my go-to for mastering. He consistently turns my mixes into professional finished products with a rounder and more polished touch.