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I’m a music producer based in Tokyo, Japan. I’ve worked with major labels such as Sony, and Universal, and many indies labels. I’d love to connect with creators from all over the world using SoundBetter! Feel free to hit me up with your ideas (pricing is all discussable)

I’m Ichiro Kamiyama, based in Japan. I’m a musical creator in many aspects, including sound production, arrangement, composition, and programming.

My music career began when I met music critic Yuichi Hirayama, and later, Hiroshi Matsumoto of HEADWAX ORGANIZATION CO.
I was assistant to record producer INA (hide with Spread Beaver) during his work as manipulator and bandmaster for post-revival X Japan, and was there able to study and hone my craft directly at the artist’s recording sites.
I then went on to create music for various artists and coach industry hopefuls as a music director at DANGER CRUE RECORDS, a label under the umbrella of MAVERICK D.C. GROUP.
Since June of 2019, I’ve begun working freelance, and expanded my focus to include activities overseas.

Lately I’ve been very into electro, and many recent works have been in that and related genres.
My personal project Cuon (http://cuon-nouc.info/ ), which I co-produces is one such example.

Check out “Cuon” on Spotify, and other major streaming platforms.

My price for music producing includes sound arrangement

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“Luna” from “haze” by Cuon

I was the Producer, Arrangement, Mixer in this production

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