I am here to help you create the sound you are looking for at a professional level and a cost effective price. I strive to create and deliver the best product possible and will not settle until you are completely confident in the final product.

I am a producer, mixer, songwriter and session guitarist based in Los Angeles, CA. Since 2008 I have been working consistently in nearly every aspect of music. From touring as a guitar tech and extensive touring as a guitarist, to session work and production in some of the best studios around the world.

I now work out of a studio in Los Angeles, CA , where many aspects of the creative process can be handled.

For mixing I use a brand new 2016 Mac Pro 2.7Ghz 12 core computer with 64 GB of ram. I work out of Logic 9 and Logic X and use Adam monitors and matching Sub for speakers. We have a complete arsenal of the highest quality plugins, specializing in almost exclusively Universal Audio for mixing. We also have Waves, Sound Toys, Izotope and many others. I thoroughly enjoy taking raw files and helping you build your sound until its exactly what you want. I want your sound to be as unique and perfected as possible.

I am able to work with nearly any budget, so don't be alarmed! Feel free to send me an e-mail and we can discuss what your needs are. Im very easy to work with and Im eager to work with you on your project!

If you are looking for acoustic or electric guitar, I can handle that too! I have a vast array of guitars and amps to meet any tone you need.

Looking forward to creating some magic with you!


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My credits include

AllMusic verified credits for Dustin Belt:

  • Heffron Drive
  • Heffron Drive

Gear highlights

  • Adam A7x
  • Adam Sub10 MK2 Subwoofer
  • Logic 9
  • Logic X
  • UA Plugins
  • Waves
  • UA OCTO card
  • UA Apollo 8 Quad Thunderbolt interface
  • Izotope
  • Native Instruments
  • SoundToys
  • Manley VoxBox
  • Purple Audio MC77
  • 12 core Mac Pro with 64 GB ram

Genres I specialize in

Terms of Service

Each mix comes with two free revisions. Anything after is $20 a revision.
The standard "Gang of Four" (Main Mix, Instrumental Version, Acapella & TV Version) are included in the mix price.

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Interview with Dustin Belt

What are you working on at the moment?
finishing writing Heffron Drive album #2, co-writing with other artists in Los Angeles.
Analog or digital and why?
Digital. I have a few pieces of gear that are analog, but with the A/D converters that are out there and the quality of some plugins that are being created these days theres no reason to not go digital. Especially because Im still an active touring musician, being able to plug in my laptop in a hotel room and get work done is so important.
What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a provider like you?
Im easy to work with and will work until your 100% happy with the project.
Which artist would you like to work with and why?
John Mayer
Can you share one music production tip?
Mix without your sub on and turn down your speakers!!
What type of music do you usually work on?
I typically work in pop, rock, hip hop and indie.
What's your strongest skill?
First and foremost, I love people and I love collaborations. Thats one of the main reason that I'm in music- because its such a collaborative process. Secondly, because I come from a musical background, the mixing process is so much more interactive. I can hear how blending guitars or harmonies can benefit being placed in a certain aural region.
What do you bring to a song?
For me, I'm not worried about the overall volume of the song. Someone further on down the line than me can fix that. What Im worried about is making sure that every element of your song is clear and crisp and able to be heard. To me, thats what mixing is all about. Making sure you are able to hear everything.
What's your typical work process?
In mixing, I first like to talk with the artist or producer and really get a feel for what sound they are looking for. If they have any reference tracks, I like to check out those too. Then once I'm able to receive all the files, I like to go in and arrange the tracks to my liking and start working from there. If the producer has any mix notes then I take those into consideration and start shaping the sound of the song. I have 3 different speaker combinations I use to A/B the song to make sure Im getting the best possible sound. I'll also listen in my car, home system, ear buds, etc, just to make sure Im getting a good balance. I also suggest this idea to anyone Im working with as I think its a good practice to get used to.
Tell us about your studio setup.
I work out of a high end home studio thats fully equipped to record everything except drums. Over the course of the last 5 years, my business/band partner and I are constantly adding new pieces and elements to the studio. We have a professional vocal booth thats big enough to house anything, except of course the drums.
What other musicians or music production professionals inspire you?
Im a big fan of great mixers that help create a sound as much as the producer and artists. Chris Lord-Alge, Tom Lord-Alge, Andrew Scheps, Emily Lazar, etc. One of my favorite guitarists is Neal Schon from Journey. The fact that he was so good so young and has created so many iconic songs is inspiring.
Describe the most common type of work you do for your clients.
The majority of my career has been as a guitarist, both on the touring side and in studio. In the past few years however, Ive spent the majority of my time in the studio working on producing and mixing. I was the touring guitarist for Big Time Rush for 5 years and being a touring guitarist is where a lot of my credits come from that are listed. Kendall from BTR and I now have a band called Heffron Drive. We tour regularly.