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26 years producing music. Called "wicked, totally compelling" by BBC I's Annie Nightingale. Master's degree from Stanford University in Music, Science and Technology. Regular contributor to Recording Magazine, Carvin Audio blog, FlyPaper, and others. I produce and I write about producing music.

I've been producing music for 26 years, and I've only hired out two tracks to be mixed by another engineer in all that time. Call me crazy, but the mix is my favorite part.

In my 26 years producing and performing, I've worked with the gamut of bands and artists, from jazz to rock to blues to ska to Zimbabwean mbira bands. Alternative hip-hop and electronica have been specialties, as my own two acts are in that realm.

My Master's is from Stanford in Music, Science and Technology, and I was lucky enough to spend time with some of the inventors of the technology we use today - including the late Max Matthews.

I also write about audio and music - I'm a regular contributor to Recording Magazin, Carvin Audio blog, FlyPaper and have written for tons of other publications about every facet of music production and business.

I'm an expert in cross-platform work - in other words, I don't care what DAW you use - I can go back and forth between systems with ease.

I bring a creative eye to every project, but I know how to honor the art. I never marry myself to work, so you can count on a good working relationship.

Give me a shout and let's talk about your project!

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