Crafting Artistry in MUSIC!

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Sometimes all you need is the right person on your side, to make your music come alive! I focus on artistry, helping you craft your music based on who you are. I have years of experience, in Gospel, Jazz, Swing, Pop, Musicals, Composing, mixing, engineering, and production of all kinds.


MUSIC PRODUCTION: Do you have and idea for a song, that you want to put full scale production on? Lets do it. I have lots of knowledge about how to craft a song.

VOCAL PRODUCTION: Our studio is based out of Hollywood, and we have a full scale vocal recording sweet where we can make you sound great! The voice is the most direct channel to the soul, we take time crafting great vocal recordings, that you can be proud of. Do it here!

COMPOSING: Are you a video, or game developer looking for some scoring elements to your work! Lets make music that tells the story of your project.

MIXING: Sometimes, all your song needs is that extra 30% and a lot of the time that comes with a professional MIX. Lets take your song to the next level

Tell me what you need in the Contact button above and lets see if we can make it happen for you!

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Gear Highlights
  • Avalon - 737 sp
  • LA -610 MkII
  • Arturia Keylab 49
  • Big Knob
  • WA - 76
  • Aston Origin
  • Aston Spirit
  • Apollo Twin
  • JBL 3 Series
  • Yamaha HS7
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