Why should I pay a provider through SoundBetter?

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1. Security
-When you pay through SoundBetter, you are safe.
To start the job you pre-fund to SoundBetter, and release payment to the provider when you are happy.
This enables the provider to start working, but you control when payment is released.

-Our providers know you will be reviewing them at the end of a job paid through SoundBetter and their reputation depends on it. This gives them extra incentive to make sure you are happy.

2. Trust & Support
When you pay SoundBetter you have a trusted company with a reputation that helps with your project. If something goes wrong in working with a provider or if you have a question, you have an address - we are here to help you. Contact us anytime at info@soundbetter.com or contact us at +1-888-734-4358

3. Convenience
With SoundBetter you can pay any provider with a credit card. Many remote providers can't process credit cards.

4. It doesn't cost you anything.
SoundBetter doesn't charge you anything to work through SoundBetter. We charge our providers a small commission for jobs we facilitate. Providers are happy to pay this commission because they get job leads, project management tools, increased trust and security and verified reviews which add to their online reputation.

Be safe. If someone offers to transact outside of SoundBetter's payment system, don't agree and report them here.