How do the two payment terms work?

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Every proposal will include one of two payment terms based on the provider's preference.

1. Post Pay
You fund the job amount to SoundBetter and the job is activated.
The payment is released to the provider when you mark the job as complete.
The provider will be notified that you funded the job to SoundBetter and begin work. You having funded the job indicates your seriousness.
Once you receive the final product and are satisfied, you select 'mark job as complete' and the payment will be released to the provider.
If you are not satisfied, you can contact SoundBetter and we will do our best to make sure you are satisfied.

This gives you security since you control when to release payment to the provider, and can contact SoundBetter if you have any issue.

2. 50/50 (From Premium Providers Only)
You pay half the agreed job amount and the job is activated.
Funds are transferred to the provider on job start.
Once you are satisfied with the work, you mark the job as complete and pay the remaining funds.

In 50/50 jobs providers may send you your track minus a few seconds at the end (cut the ending) until the second payment is complete.
This is to protect the provider from clients not paying the second payment and still using the track.

Note - We can offer you support only if you pay the provider through SoundBetter

Additionally, you can give the provider a 'verified review' only if you pay through SoundBetter. Providers know this and it gives them extra incentive to make sure you are satisfied.

Be safe. If someone asks to transact outside of SoundBetter's payment system, don't agree and report them here.