Producer, Composer & Mixer - Shrai


Producer, Composer & Mixer

I am a Music Producer from Mumbai, India. I have produced various tracks ranging from House, Trap, Hip-hop, Trance, Bollywood, Punjabi, Bhangra, etc. I have had multiple worldwide releases under various international record labels including Future Records, IbizaStereo, etc. I have worked with various artists across the globe.

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Session Guitarist  - Klint


Session Guitarist

I'm an experienced studio and live performing guitar player that understands the importance of playing a supportive role for the overall tone, feel and vibe of a song. I understand the difference between when its my time to shine and when its time to back off and let the artist do their thing.

Music Partner, Publishing - Gary


Music Partner, Publishing

I'm freely managing a very talented young Hip-Hop artist who only needs to be heard by the right people. He has not recorded much but has written albums worth. He has tracks, song compositions, melodies and harmonies worked out for a number of his projects. What he needs is someone to partner with the take on the project of creating an EP album.


Recording and mixing - Magnetic


Recording and mixing

“...a spooky, Upside Down version of Sun Studio” - Rolling Stone

Guitarist, Producer, Film - Christopher

Los Angeles

Guitarist, Producer, Film

I can write/record lead guitar parts or create full instrumental sections. I can score film, especially drama. Scoring upcoming short film “Dark Cloud”. Out in September 2018. @darkcloudfilm - Instagram

Hip hop / R&B / Trap Mixing - Juan


Hip hop / R&B / Trap Mixing

Let's take your music to the next level! I will bring out the best of your music as a mixing and master engineer .

Female Vocalist and Songwriter - Emeline

Los Angeles

Female Vocalist and Songwriter

Emeline is a professional songwriter, recording artist, and demo vocalist based in Los Angeles. Her background ranges from musical theatre, alternative/pop, jazz/soul, to breathy electronic music. She’s written with artists such as Timeflies, MEMBA, Bea Miller, Myon, SMLE, Thievery Corp, Cole Plante, Kira Kosarin, Sleeping Lion, Gazzo and more.


Editing, Mixing, & Mastering - John

Los Angeles

Editing, Mixing, & Mastering

Acoustic Specialist & Perfectionist - Reduced Rates for First Project

Music Producer - Danny


Music Producer

I am a freelance producer, multi-instrumentalist and mix engineer. I love a wide variety of music and have a background producing rock and indie bands as well as pop music. I play guitar, drums, bass and keys and also love working on electronic productions.


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