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Songwriter and Music Producer - Paul

Hi guys, I'm Paul and I'm a songwriter, producer and studio musician with over 20 years experience.

 - Jay Lazaroff

Hi, My name is Jay Lazaroff and I am a composer in L.A. I have music in over 300 shows.

Upright, Elec, Bass, Vocals - Elio Giordano

Google Elio Giordano Nashville and you will see me performing with The Mavericks, Ronnie Dunn, Tanya Tucker and many others. I have recorded with Symphonies in London, played many late-night shows like the Tonight Show, and have recorded with many major music artists. For over 20 years I have worked as a sought-after Nashville musician.

Mix Engineer - A Bit Analog

Take your music to the next level with A Bit Analog mixing services. Professional mixing at your service.

Mastering Engineer - Adam Gonsalves

I've mastered thousands of releases for artists around the world. All mastering is done with a custom analog signal chain. Masters include a full suite of digital deliverables. I also cut lacquers in-house if vinyl is part of your release.

Online Session Drummer - Rafael Marcolino

Get real drums with killer sound to your music!

Production & mixing studio - Bora Lustral Studio

Hi! I'm Charly. I am a record producer from Lille, France. I've been recording, mixing, and mastering albums for more than 6 years within a lot of different music genres, from pop-folk, alternative rock to experimental jazz. I want to help you make a record you'll be proud of, and that will help you building your career.

Rap/Pop Producer & Songwriter - PDHBeats

I worked with many German artist in the Rap genre, like Sevi Rin to name one of them. I produce Beats for over a decade and specialized the last 5 years on Mix & Mastering. I will tweak your track until it's (almost) perfect.

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