2D Animator, GIF Artist - Shane


2D Animator, GIF Artist

Artist, animator, & director specializing in hand drawn psychedelic loops and music based visuals.

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Mixing and Mastering Engineer - The


Mixing and Mastering Engineer

I'm a mix and mastering engineer with over 8 years of experience. What I lack in big name credits, I more than make up for in work ethic and giving my very best to the project, no matter what it is.

Producer, Mixer & Studio - Jonathan


Producer, Mixer & Studio

My name is Jonathan Class and I own The Varsity Recording Co. in Anderson, IN. I produce, engineer, mix and master bands and artists from all over, and also tour as a keyboard player for Josh Garrels.

Artist, Composer, Graphic Art - Goth


Artist, Composer, Graphic Art

Vocal Features, Song Covers, Song Mixing & Mastering. Tear Drop / New Age/ EmoRap/ Varsity Bars to Emo Forever & Tirade.. Associations:Lil Peeps producers who created your artists favorite songs that you "Type Beat" from Youtube! Complimentary Royalties are included with quality! Clients who grant my request, may grant the turn around time!

Producer | Drummer | Mixing - Josh


Producer | Drummer | Mixing

Dove Award winning producer and musician ready to help you craft your song or project now.

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Los Angeles


hit me


Cinematic Music - Scorpius


Cinematic Music

Want a powerful feeling to your video? I’m your Huckleberry...


Mixing & Mastering - Tezzeract


Mixing & Mastering

I'm a Producer, Mixer and mastering engineer for several years. I have a good experience in working with upcoming artist by sharpen up their sound. I can help you to build a quality product.


Vocalist/Session singer - Gillian


Vocalist/Session singer

I am an experienced singer and songwriter based in Dublin, Ireland. I have had over 10 years experience recording music and collaborating with other musicians online. I have undergone training in classical and contemporary vocal styles and I am very versatile.

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