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Songwriter & Vocal Producer - Luke Da Duke

I write and record vocals.

Post Editor - Nova J Boruah

My name is Nova and I'm an audio professional from Bangalore, India. It’s my sincere desire to use my expertise in Audio editing, Dialogue Editing, Podcast Editing & Mastering, Post Editing, Audio Restoration, Vocal Tuning to help make your music or sound the best and take your career to the next level.

Remote Mixing & Mastering. - Mixing & Mastering Engineer

I have worked even with the most famous artist in the country. I work in protools and everything is going through a legendary SSL mixer. Best Quality Always..

Drummer. Mix/Recording Enginee - Johnny

Tracking live Drumms, or mixing your Song. All with the Goal to serve you well.

Canvas & Content Designer - Wilder Visuals

Visual Artist excelling in various mediums // digital design, video editing, motion graphics, and 3D design. Making work for a range of artists from Katy Perry to local indie artists from Berklee College of Music.

Mixing, Producing, mastering - AudioMixOff

Was created for the purpose to have fun in a learning competitive environment for Everyone We Have Producers Songwriters, Audio Engineer We Have What You need

Guitarist / Composer/ Arranger - Martin Iaies

Guitarist, both Electric and Acoustic/Classical. Jazz is my speciality, but also play other styles. Composer and arranger, for both small and large ensembles. Also producer.

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