Songwriter - Brandon





48-hour turnaround for vocal production, vocal reference, and songwriting. Professionally trained vocalist, with years of professional vocal performance, vocal production, and song writing experience.

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Singer Songwriter - Mickael


Singer Songwriter

Want to have fun writing some music? Get in touch and let’s share some ideas!


Music Producer/Mixing Engineer - Joel



Los Angeles

Music Producer/Mixing Engineer

I will deliver crisp, clear and full mixes. Radio ready.

beatmaker/mix engineer/rapper - Melnickson

Simi Valley

beatmaker/mix engineer/rapper

top dog for the new generation! whatever you need!

Producer, Songwriter, Mixer  - Adam


Producer, Songwriter, Mixer

Singer, Songwriter, Producer. All own material has been played multiple times on prime time BBC Radio 1 shows. Syncs on shows such as 'Love Island' and 'The only way is Essex'. I am all about detail and originality, all projects I work on I am invested in. We are here to make art, and I, can help you with that.


Music Production and Mixing - Tom


Music Production and Mixing

12+ years of production experience, mainly in house genres. 70+ million Spotify streams under my own projects and millions of streams in co-productions, ghost writing and mixing.


We Make Ear Candy - FireFly


We Make Ear Candy

FireFly Studios specializes in high quality audio recording and song production for bands and solo artists. Our studio was designed to meet the needs of major label projects, while being affordable and accessible to the independent artist. We have an extensive collection of high-end analog and digital gear!

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Cheer


Remote Mixing & Mastering

Tired of mixes that feel dry & lifeless? Need an engineer with a full understanding of what it takes to pour your heart & soul into a record? If you answered yes to either of those questions, I’m your guy. An artist, producer & songwriter myself, I understand completely what goes into making your music & how important it is to finish strong.

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