Songwriter, Producer, Mixer - Luke


Songwriter, Producer, Mixer

Hi, I'm Luke Potter. I’m a UK Artist / Songwriter / Producer / Mixer / Arranger I've worked with Grammy award winners and Platinum selling producers in the UK, USA and across Scandinavia.

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Vocalist & Songwriter - Lynda


Vocalist & Songwriter

My name is Lynda Starr and I'm a Brooklyn-born & raised Classically trained professional Vocalist & Songwriter. With over 15+ years of singing under my belt, I write, create/perform emotionally driven music. I am well-versed in genres including R&B, Pop, Hip-Hop and Gospel. I write top-line melodies and create theme songs for web series & podcasts

Mixing & Masterign - PA[K]BOT

76121 Barletta

Mixing & Masterign

Mixing & Mastering engineer


Music production & tuition - Conscious_Program


Music production & tuition

Music production tuition, mixing and mastering, Sound designer, composer.


Trombone/Arranging - Sal

Los Angeles


Over 20 years experience playing all over the world.


Remote Mixing & Sound Design - Yann


Remote Mixing & Sound Design

Hi my name is Yann and I'm a professional audio engineer. I specialise in mixing, mastering, editing, podcast editing, audio restoration, sound design. I'm a S.A.E. graduate and certified Pro Tools operator. I hold a Mix With The Master certificate.

Music Producer, Audio Engineer - Mikail


Music Producer, Audio Engineer

I produce, mix and master Pop, EDM, RnB, Hip-Hop, Rock. I produce custom music informed by my jazz education at Berklee College of Music. I mix using textures and processes inspired by analogue signal flows influenced by my time working with Bryce Goggin (Ramones, Phish, Pavement, Antony and the Johnsons).


Music Composer and Producer - Geoffrey


Music Composer and Producer

I have been involved with music for over 36 years, but I also have an advanced degree in engineering which I used in working on climate change. I am the scientific artist, ready to compose, produce, and mix masterpieces for your project. I've worked with artists, production music, and soundtracks. Whatever your needs, I have you covered!

Session Musician GT/Ba/Sax/Key - Luke

Los Angeles

Session Musician GT/Ba/Sax/Key

Hi! My name is Luke and I'm a session musician originally from London, UK. I'm here for all guitar, bass, sax and keyboard needs. I can do editing/production as well & can deliver my stems mixed or unmixed. I've toured the world with major label acts in the past & been a studio musician on a US Billboard Top 3 album. Speciality is pop & funk music.

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