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Home of "The Lip Servicers"  - Trbarac


Home of "The Lip Servicers"

Chart success with "The Lip Servicers". Artist development with Melanie Redic. Cooperation with The Prime (Amsterdam) for "Havana", Album and Single releases. Speciality (Xmas) compilation album.

Violin Recording / Composition - Angie


Violin Recording / Composition

I started this magnificent instrument at the age of 5 and have been a professional classical, pop and electro violinist for 15 years. I have music represented by Netflix, Sony Music Entertainment,French rapper Manau, Canadian EDM band L4YOU, New Age electronic group AstroVoyager, THE VOICE (France) winner Yoann Freget and various bands or artists.

Production, audio and video - Wetlemon


Production, audio and video

- Analyse artist's demo recordings / work with artists to produce required sound - Produce through a variety of analogue hardware, digital software and live instruments - Advising on album songs & single releases - Grade 6 theory level - Software used: Ableton, Cubase, Reason, Studio Pro 4, Audacity, FL Studio, Steinberg, Wavelab

Music Producer, Ghostwriter - Kevin

San Diego

Music Producer, Ghostwriter

Songwriter & Producer with 9million+ streams

Recording, Singing - Haseeb


Recording, Singing

Your imagination becomes reality here


Music Creator  - David

New York

Music Creator

Music Maker


Producer, Keys, Mixing, Edits - AYP

Los Angeles

Producer, Keys, Mixing, Edits

I love experimenting with sounds and styles. Lets get crazy!


Production, Mixing and Masteri - Haka-Vveli


Production, Mixing and Masteri

Was born and raised in Lagos Nigeria. Studied Computer Engineering Programming all his life... Even before he could spell his names right! cracked-down by a sudden interest for Music Programming / Sound Engineering, now living it with the little time he can spare for it only because this dude is also a Cyber-security expert.

Producer/Engineer/Mixer - Dylan



I am a creative focused audio engineer/producer who's only goal is to make the music of your dreams!


Producer & Audio Engineer - Joseph


Producer & Audio Engineer

I am an audio engineer, electronic music producer, and assistant professor of digital music at Hostos Community College (CUNY). The following credits are for artists that I have engineered, assistant engineered, or collaborated with.

Freelance Audio Engineers - Panorama


Freelance Audio Engineers

Mission: Deliver High Quality Audio | Philosophy: Competitive doesn't mean "loud af".


Producer, Mixer, Composer  - Torsten

Antigua and Barbuda

Producer, Mixer, Composer

Hi, I am a German record producer who sold over 4 mill records including 4 x UK Top 10 hits and multiple gold awards all over the world. With 500+ releases in many different genres, I can help bring your ideas to life. The last years I focused on my daughter Au/Ra, but she just reached 3.5 bill streams on Spotify and doesn’t need my help anymore 😅

"Guitarist/Producer" - Tapespace



I will be helpful to someone looking for a lo-fi beat or cool guitar part. My recording space is also available if you happen to be in the Nashville, TN area. It can accommodate a full band and includes professional analog or digital recording gear.

mixing and mastering - Alexis

New York

mixing and mastering

Making people music blossom is my satisfaction


Producer/Writer/Studio - Fractal

Los Angeles


I bring demos to life. I work with artists to record & improve their songs, fully mix and master, find a unique sound, and build their brands. I provide access to a full studio, team of engineers and creatives, vocal booth & access to any equipment you might need including guitars, mics, keyboards, and a beautiful creative writing environment.

Make Beats, Play Drums - Closed

New Hampshire

Make Beats, Play Drums

I am a 3 year producer with a love and taste for music. Everything I experience in life inspires and motivates me to curate the sounds that i make. All of my music is derived from the vibrations and vibes that i feel to drive me into a life long journey into sound.


Music producer and Pianist  - Greg


Music producer and Pianist

I am a music producer, a pianist in my own studio. I am involved in arranging, instrumentation and comprehensive music production.


Remote mixing and mastering - Adam


Remote mixing and mastering

Being Creative & Helping other creatives. Home studio and CD quality streaming radio station


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