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Find the perfect music producer to arrange, record, hire live musicians, and mix your next hit song.
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Producer, Songwriter, Pianist - Nick


Producer, Songwriter, Pianist

I am a retired army veteran with 30 years experience as a ear playing pianist. I write, record mix and produce my own music. I produce mostly Christian Contemporary Rock or pop, Alternative Rock, Pop and Instrumental music. Let me transform your dreams into realities by providing you an opportunity to get off the ground, step up and fly.


Producer And Mixing Engineer - T.pee




Producer And Mixing Engineer

i am a prolific music producer which specialize in gospel music like contemporary gospel music and christian contemporary music (CCM)

Production | Engineer | Vocals - Samuel




Production | Engineer | Vocals

I'm a versatile producer, multi-instrumentalist & engineer. Have a team of male & female vocalists & arrangers. Specialize in contemporary Christian & Gospel. Will help you achieve a professional and modern sound. Years of Pro Experience. Professional Gear.

Music Producer, Beat Maker - Fred




Music Producer, Beat Maker

Hello! Do you have a melody in your head you need to make a hit? Do you have a song in your heart? Are you too busy to come to a recording studio, but have a decent microphone and vocal recording software to make a music hit at home? You've come to the right place! Let me bring your music recording dreams to life!! PCT (Prayer Changes Things)

Producer, Vocalist, Engineer - Kristian



New York

Producer, Vocalist, Engineer

With over 20 years of production, mixing and singing experience I am a methodical creator. I take passion in each detail of the music I create and find joy in bringing the songs in your mind and heart to the world stage. As a vocal coach I studied the voice and I know how to bring out the best in a vocal mix. I look forward to working with you!


Music Producer, Songwriter - Kira

San Diego

Music Producer, Songwriter

I'm a Christian music producer & songwriter who inspires artists to find their true voices and create amazing music. With over a decade of experience as top LA celebrity vocal coach to major labels, I bring out your best vocal performance every time. My passion is working with artists who are using their gifts to change the world for the better.

Producer, Musician, Mix|Master - Precious




Producer, Musician, Mix|Master

15+ yrs industry experience. Arrangements, Production, Piano/keyboards, and Mixing | Mastering. See testimonials from GRAMMY artistes and other Award-winning artists on my website https://www.mushmusicservices.com/

Music Production/Engineering - Vanessa




Music Production/Engineering

I create fire production based on the product you want. I've been sync licensed for Hulu. I've worked with various artists. I do music full time so my turn around time is pretty sufficient.

Producer & Mixing Engineer - Craig


Producer & Mixing Engineer

Are you tired of just singing in the shower? Want that song you recorded to be mix and mastered well look no further. You will walk away amazed reach out to me today and I will bring your song to life.

Music Producer/ Arranger - Will




Music Producer/ Arranger

Highly experienced Gospel Music Producer/Arranger and Mixing Engineer.


Music Producer, Arranger - Moises




Music Producer, Arranger

Chistian producer who achieves a current, modern and competitive sound, let me give you an incredible sound


!Christian PoP Music Producer! - Paer




!Christian PoP Music Producer!

I'm a Logic Pro producer. If you send me a vocal track and a track with your instrument I'll produce your song. Have a nice day!

Producer, musician and mixing  - Seth


Producer, musician and mixing

I want to produce in a way that aids your song being used to worship! I have been producing worship tracks for the last 3 years and want to help you find the 'sound' inside you that makes your worship unique!


Music Producer - Chrischords


Music Producer

Music-savvy Music Producer with years of experience arranging and creating musical pieces. Recognized for creating pieces in 2017. Expertise in sound editing software such as Cubase and Fl. I worked as one of the major producers for an Album Project (Musings) for a gospel Artiste, here in Nigeria, by the name Preye Omayuku.

Music Prod./Piano&Key Session - Gigi


Music Prod./Piano&Key Session

Music Productions - Artistic Productions - Piano&Keyboards Sessions - Advisor for KAWAI Pianos - On-line lessons

Mixer / Producer / Singer - Wayne

San Antonio

Mixer / Producer / Singer

Hey, "You Have Made The Right Choice!" I will take special care of Your creation. Listen to Kara-Nichole Robinson's 2017 EP titled track, "He's Coming Back". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWLJPj1oo-4

Producer/Engineer/Musician - Steve



At the end of the day - gear and tones and techniques aside - making great music is about relationship. My primary focus, before mics and instruments and plugins (though I've got plenty), is YOU. Let's make music together.

Turn ideas into great songs - Nnamdi




Turn ideas into great songs

I'm very creative and original and I will do all it takes to get the job done.


Music Producer/Musician - TD


Music Producer/Musician

TD is a producer/musician who strives to bring your musical vision to life.


Producer,Musician,Engineer - 3D



I am a pro musician with years of experience in playing music as well as recording live and in the studio. My company has produced many music projects over the last decade or so. 3D Pro Music has a great engineer on board to make your sound the best it can be.



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The Insider's Guide to Hiring a Music Producer

For so many good reasons, you've decided to hire a music producer. Now you're starting your search for candidates. It's exciting, a bit like a first date. You're not hiring a plumber; you're trying to find your partner in art. Someone you'll have to trust with your "babies". Magic can come of the right producer-artist relationship and working with the right producer can make a song bloom. In this guide I'll offer a 4-point checklist for identifying the right producer for you.

1. Producer Types

There are different types of producers who all call themselves producers, and this can get confusing. No one is better than the other, they are just different, so it’s important to find out what kind of producer you’re talking to.

Traditional Producers

Traditional producers can take your song or song idea and turn it into a great sounding track that you can record your vocals to. This category of producers are fantastic if you’re a songwriter and when working remotely. These folks are typically good at arrangements - deciding which instrument will play on which song and what part each instrument will play. They are instrumentalists or multi instrumentalists that may end up being your ‘band’ on the recording. In some cases they know how to oversee and coordinate a project and locate the right talent at the best price and just ‘make it happen’, not unlike a musical Project Manager or Wedding Planner. I’m not giving this last example to poke fun – you can’t imagine how important it is to have someone on the project who possesses these skills. In some cases they also do ‘vocal coaching’ to the artist, helping identify the best key for the vocalist and guide the artist through the vocal takes, lending their experience to when you have it nailed, when to try again and how, what types of harmonies or doubles to do etc.

Beat Makers

Beatmaker Producers are pretty common in the Hip Hop and Urban Pop world. They are known for exactly that - making beats. This started in the world of Hip Hop but since Pop music has become more beat oriented, some pop songs are written as ‘toplines’ (vocal melodies) over existing beats by Beatmakers with a particular sound. When working with Beatmakers you’d typically either choose from an existing beat they already have (and lease it for use or buy it for exclusive use), and then write a vocal melody and lyrics over it (this is the more common use case), or you would pay the Beatmaker to create a custom beat based on your specifications or around a melody you already wrote.

As an example, Sia worked with a traditional Producer on her early records, which included live instrumentation and more organic production and songwriting processes, whereas she discussed in interviews how for her latest pop-oriented singles she wrote melodies over existing beats that Beatmakers sent her. If you listen to these records you’ll hear the stylistic difference that is due in part to the difference in process.

Both Traditional Producers and Beatmakers might or might not also be Mixing Engineers. In some cases if they mix this might be part of the package you get working with them, and sometimes their mixing chops are part of what make up the ‘sound’ they are known for. Mixing is a really important part of the production process. Some producers are hands on mixers, while others aren’t mixers at all but might sit next to mixers and direct them. They don’t have to be mixers, but it’s good to know what strengths they bring to the table.

Every producer is different. Find out what your producer brings to the table by asking them.

2. Production Samples – What to listen for

The first thing you should do is listen to audio samples and trust your ears. Considering a producer's creative involvement in the process, samples should be their pride and joy. Here are a few things you should listen for:

Professional Sound

Do the songs sound like a finished product to you? Depending on the budget, experience and source material (talent) they were working with, it may be unrealistic to expect every song will sound like a top-10 radio single. But if the arrangement, mix, vocal and instrumental performance are on par with what you want to achieve, that’s a good sign. Find out if they mixed the songs they are playing you. Since mixing is an important part of getting professional sound, the ‘sound’ quality is in part due to the mixing engineer’s skill. They might be the mixing engineer themselves. If that’s the case, you can expect to get broadly similar results with your mix, depending on the quality of input material, and assuming it’s a similar genre. So pay extra attention to the quality of the mix. If they weren’t the mix engineer on the song you heard, you want to find out who was the mixer on these songs, and whether they would be working on your song as well. This may depend on their go-to mixer’s price vis-a-vis your budget. It’s always best to do critical listening in an environment you know well - your room, your speakers or headphones.

Production Style

Is the production style one that is broadly aligned with your stylistic taste? Keep in mind what you are hearing may not necessarily need to fit your style exactly. In fact some of the best artist/producer symbiotic collaborations came from producers taking artists in a new direction. A smart artist will come with an open mind and often be willing to work with an amazing producer, even (or especially) if that producer can take you on a journey you wouldn’t have been on otherwise. Having said that, if the producer samples are all hyper-compressed, four-to-the-floor side-chained pumping, white-noise laced mega-pop, and you are pretty sure you want your recording to sound like Ryan Adams or Norah Jones, they might not be right choice. If the producer is a mix engineer and takes pride primarily in knowing how to get killer live drum sounds but you do EDM, then this should give you pause.

Did the song samples feel natural?

There are different ways to produce the same song. Listen for whether the production felt forced on the song, or did it bring out the best in the song. The producer’s role is to serve the song and make it shine, not use the song as a vehicle to flash their production chops or experiment for their own sake, at the expense of the song or artist.

3. What's included in the price of production?

Producers bring much value to a project and get paid for their services. First and foremost consider whether they are the producer you want to work with. Only then consider fee. After you discuss what their fee is, you should dig deeper to find out what is included in this fee.

Is pre-production included? That is, will they spend time helping you choose the songs to produce if you have too many, or finding the right key for your voice? If they are Beatmakers, are you leasing the beat for use, or buying outright for exclusive use? Do they expect to keep any portion of the publishing (songwriting) royalties? Beatmakers are more likely to expect to keep a portion of publishing than traditional producers (especially if you wrote a melody over a beat they already had), but every producer is different and this is something you should discuss and is sometimes open for negotiation.

What’s their deliverable? This is an important expectation to align. Will they get you to a master, or will you still need to hire a mixing and mastering engineer? Do they know a good mixing and mastering engineer and how much do they charge? Will they mix your vocals in if you are recording them after they produce the track? Do you need them to? Do they play any instruments? Do you want them to? (Are they good)? If you will need to hire a studio, is that included in their rate?

4. Personal and Musical Connection

If the producer asks to hear your songs, this is a good sign. If the way they discuss the process resonates with you, this is yet another good sign. One way to gauge a producer’s customer service sensibility is from reviews of previous artists they’ve worked with. Someone else has already walked in your shoes. Was their experience good? Great? Trust makes the process so much more rewarding. Working with someone you connect with on a musical and personal level makes for a better outcome.

Good luck with your production. And if you found this article useful, please share it!