Producer, Mixer, Writer - Steve

Los Angeles

Producer, Mixer, Writer

I am a platinum selling LA-based producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. Best known for my forward-thinking melodic approach and sound design, I've co-written numerous records with American pop-rock band OneRepublic. I've worked with many notable artists including U2, Peter Gabriel, and Switchfoot, to name a few.

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Singer, Songwriter, Demo Vocal - Shaylen

Los Angeles

Singer, Songwriter, Demo Vocal

My name is Shaylen and I´m a published singer/songwriter with a unique sound! Originally from Texas, now living in LA. I have worked professionally as an artist & singer/songwriter for 12+ years and have had the privilege to collab with many great names in the industry as well as tour, and successfully written for other artists

Recording Artist & Songwriter - Kayrae

Los Angeles

Recording Artist & Songwriter

LABEL RELEASES: Arkade/Aftercluv Dancelab/Columbia Deutschland/Mometum Records/Perfecto Records/BredNButter/Trap City/Tiger Records/AIA/Knight Vision/Gemstone Records/Physical Presents/Liftoff Recordings

Mixing and Mastering - Online

Hauptstraße 30

Mixing and Mastering

Online Mixing and Mastering is the new All In One production service for the Artist that wants top quality sound for reasonable prices. The 1st and the Original ONLINE MIXING and MASTERING.COM since 2006. “Because Your Music Deserves The Best”


Recording, Mixing, Mastering. - André


Recording, Mixing, Mastering.

Hello! I´m André and i am an audio engineer and producer working @ Adrift Studio, based in Viana do Castelo, Portugal.

Mixing & Mastering - Euphoria


Mixing & Mastering

I've worked as a mixing/mastering engineer for more than 8 years on numerous industry quality projects. I would love to see what music all of you are creating out there and lend my helping hand to get it to sound exactly how you want!

Remote Mixing/Editing/Overdubs - Tyler


Remote Mixing/Editing/Overdubs

My name is Tyler Cornelius, and I am a musician first. I am a vocalist, keyboardist, and bassist, and I approach each project I do with a musician's mindset above all else.


Clear, Punchy Mixing/Mastering - Vibrant


Clear, Punchy Mixing/Mastering

Make your songs pop with colour, dynamics, and clarity! Subtle use of reverb, delay, automation, and compression is the difference between amazing tracks and squashed, lifeless ones.

Music Producer, - David


Music Producer,

Producer David John Lynch "Diamond" has become well known over the last 25 years in the Recording Industry for his talents in being able to mould a basic song or music idea into a Marketable Sound. His Directing skills are especially useful in maximizing studio time making it more economical. Worked with 10cc on "Dreadlock Holliday" Re-mix.

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