Production, Mixing & Mastering - 81K


Production, Mixing & Mastering

I am a young musician with a really sharp ear for sound. I’ve been producing beats for 6 years on FL studio and mixing and mastering on Logic Pro X and Pro Tools for 2 and a half. I love working with all different types of genres of music along with the people that go along with them.

Mixeing engineer/beatmaker  - Chuang


Mixeing engineer/beatmaker

Hi, my name is Chuang, I am a mixing engineer/beat maker/ vocalist, I specialize in hip hop, but I have recorded and mixed almost every genre of music, I have also done few post production work for short films and I do make orchestral music. My site : Please contact me at for any serious inquiries

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Beat Producer / Sound Designer - Chris


Beat Producer / Sound Designer

I run an audio production business called 'wizzFX' delivering unique and individual audio branding, music, sonic identities and sound design with clients from all over the world.


Recording,Mixing,Mastering & FOH - Michael




Recording,Mixing,Mastering & FOH

Michael started his career at HANSA TONSTUDIOS BERLIN. After 5 years of studying all tricks and tools of the recording trade he became a freelance Recording Engineer / Mixer. In the mid 80’s Michael was in such high demand by the Japanese music scene that he moved to Tokyo >>>

null - DC


I am a rap artist/songwriter/producer/hook maker/ who is on here to expand my connections with my music, anybody who want to colab hit me up.


Singer and songwriter - Victor


Singer and songwriter

I breath, eat and live music. From 12 years old I sung and mastered the art and eventually managed to travel around the world. I possess a Masters Certificate in Music Theory, Harmony and Ear Training and Specialty in Voice from Berklee. I've been featured in Safaricom Jazz Festival (Nairobi), Jazz Lives and Latin Experience (Damascus) among many.

null - SEI


SEI SHUTTLE RECORDS(SSR) is an independent Hip Hop record label based in Singapore, founded in 2009. SEI SHUTTLE RECORDS (SSR) provides events, recording, mixing & mastering services. SSR also signs artists and works with them to develop projects and releases.

null - Asa

Tel Aviv

Asael (Asa) Ben Tzroya - Professional guitar player and Audio mixer.


Productor musical - Jorge


Productor musical

Arreglista y músico de diferentes artistas.

Dj / Music Producer  - Alien


Dj / Music Producer

Dj § Music Producer all styles dance music.. Mail: (Clubs,Fest.,RAVE,Undergroud) Rondo Arts_app:


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