Music Producer, Remixing - OIJ


Music Producer, Remixing

I produce and release music as OIJ (Only In Japan) and specialise in making remixes. Apart from my production work for OIJ, I have also been active in music production and sound design for commercials and art projects, which have gotten me nominated for many different awards in the advertisement industry.

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Record,Mix,Edit,Produce,Guitar - SDS

Redondo Beach


Specializing in Rock, Alternative, Electronic - Tracking, Mixing, Editing, Composition, Electric Guitar Parts, Stacking Vocals, Orchestration, All Aspects of Music Production.


Editing, Mixing and Mastering - Jem


Editing, Mixing and Mastering

Degree in Audio Production. 5 years of production experience. Over 800,000 streams and radio play.

Song writer -lyrics  - Shay

Cheltenham Township

Song writer -lyrics

Prepare to be amazed


Producer-Mixer-Studio Owner - Barry

North Hollywood

Producer-Mixer-Studio Owner

Producer/Mixer/Engineer/Studio Owner/Musician. I’m currently producing guitarist, John 5 for the new John 5 and The Creatures record, “Invasion". I’m also the guy that won’t F up your vision. My studio, Riott House Studio is comfortable and carries a vibe for capturing inspiration. I’m passionate about my work and strive to create magic.

Custom Drum Tracks - Josh


Custom Drum Tracks

Josh Green has been creating music with drums for over 25 years. You can hear his work with artists such as Infradig, Josh Garrels, The Distribution and Summer Dregs. The creator of the Permanent Record drum sample library; a 365 day long discipline of creating and publishing a new drum loop pack everyday for one year.

null - Alex

Mexico City

I have a degree of Bachelor of Audio Engineer and Production. I finished school 2 years ago so I'm still learning a lot of things, but I'm looking for improvement and experience!


Audio Engineer, Producer - Sam

Pewsey SN9

Audio Engineer, Producer

• Your songs don`t sound good enough?   • You can not find a good audio professional at a reasonable price? • Or maybe you want to improve the sound quality of existing project? Then you should contact me. My name is Sam and I am a keen audio engineer / songwriter / producer / multi-instrumentalist from the UK.

Mixing and Master  - CAlvarez100

Mission Hills

Mixing and Master

I’m going to be doing my very best and make sure my client is happy with what I have to offer in Mixing and Mastering.


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