Seasoned Multi-instrumentalist - Amy




Seasoned Multi-instrumentalist

An award-winning composer and producer, she was inducted into the Seattle Jazz Hall of Fame in March, 2015. She is an engineer and multi-instrumentalist (guitar, bass, alto sax, clarinet, accordion) who sings four octaves, and has produced over 50 releases.

Session Drummer/Percussionist - Chris




Session Drummer/Percussionist

New York City based session drummer and percussionist with 20+ years of experience playing worldwide. I have played and recorded every style of music under the sun and will add groove, energy and soul to your songs! Making music is an absolute joy for me and I will bring that passion to your songs to make them the best they can possibly be!

Remote Mixing & Mastering - O.K.


Remote Mixing & Mastering

Musician, Sound Engineer - studio and live - Recording, Mixing and Live Mixing (FOH)

Violinist - Matty



Matty Noble is a performing and studio violinist specializing in odd meters, punk, metal, improvisation and folk styles inspired by Romani and Balkan traditional music. He has played hundreds of concerts in the US and across Europe in bands, orchestras, and theater productions, for audiences sitting, standing, moshing, and line dancing.

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Composer - Arranger - Producer - Michael


Composer - Arranger - Producer

I have years of experience in the business as a multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger and producer with many published works. I genuinely love and work in a very wide variety of music. I have a thorough classical grounding in harmony, counterpoint and orchestration complimented by having played rock, funk, soul and jazz all my life.


Singer-Songwriter  - Jeska

Los Angeles


Experienced in session singer-songwriter .

Online mixing & Mastering - Pavel



St Petersburg

Online mixing & Mastering

Graduated sound engineer, official MFiT provider.

singer/ songwriter/ vocal prod - Whit

Los Angeles

singer/ songwriter/ vocal prod

I am a published singer/songwriter/vocalproducer who has written for Kylie Minogue, Fifth Harmony and Christina Aguilera amongst others.


Remote Mixing - Christian



San Francisco

Remote Mixing

Christian de Looper is a professional mixing engineer and music producer based in Santa Cruz, CA. He has worked in a wide variety of genres, and is confident he can keep up with any artists requests.


Singer / Songwriter - montrealways


Singer / Songwriter

With a voice powerful and soothing enough to move many, Montrealways is a singer/songwriter making waves in the local scene of her hometown, Montreal. Ambitious, she strives to perfect her craft as she navigates through the music industry independently.


Mix Engineer, Recording Studio - Matheus


Mix Engineer, Recording Studio

Creative, competitive and great sounding mixes.


Singer, Songwriter, BGV's - Amber

Los Angeles

Singer, Songwriter, BGV's

Singer / Songwriter from NBC's The Voice specializing in BGV's and demo recordings.

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