Trap Keyboards - Synths

These curated pro keyboardists and session synth players will lay down tracks in whatever style, tone, or genre you need

music production/beat maker/DJ - djgtriplsixxx

Kansas City

music production/beat maker/DJ

upcoming self made self paid music producer learned underneath 2 full sail university graduates I have a total of 3 years of music production plus 12 years of drumming. bass guitar and vocals along with 2 years of piano one of the best for low prices I work 24/7 at this. literally hmm lets work I can mix master produce and make any beat.


Music producer/beat maker - Larppa


Music producer/beat maker

No major songs produced (yet). Worked in collaboration with smaller artists, such as NotSoWavy and SWF K1nG.


Producer / Pianist - billzonthebeat


Producer / Pianist

Self-taught pianist with 10+ years experience, Producer specialising in trap, wave and drill beats.

Session cimbalom player  - Michal


Session cimbalom player

I can play a cimbalom part for you. Cimbalom is an unusual instrument from the Central Europe with very special and unusual sound and that’s why I’m sure even your project would sound unusual and special with this instrument.

Music Producer - DTEAM


Music Producer

I get the job done as it's needed

Music Producer/ Mixing  - Nyakzdabritishboi


Music Producer/ Mixing

Certified Music Producer/Composer With Over 10 Years Experience In Making Records sound pleasing!



New York


+50 MILLION SPOTIFY STREAMS IN 2020 SO FAR ON MY PRODUCTIONS AND MIXES +80 MILLION SPOTIFY/YOUTUBE STREAMS IN 2019 ON MY PRODUCTIONS TWO PLATINUM SINGLES IN 2020 TWO GOLD SINGLES IN 2020 ONE 2X PLATINUM SINGLE IN 2019 8 Major label releases in 2020 with 3 songs on European Top 50 Charts and New Music Fridays playlists.

Music Producer, Composer - Pianu


Music Producer, Composer

I'm the new super producer of this generation,working with whole world.My music save lives.My compositions are not regular.Im wirking with musicians and artist from Europe,Usa,Africa...


Music Producer, Topline Writer - Ana


Music Producer, Topline Writer

Female producer making beats in Paris and Los angeles. I'm working on Cubase and usually make beats for famous rappers in France. I'm really good at finding catchy melodies and toplines. Contact me if need fire beats and great toplines for your track ( trap, drill , afrobeat , afrotrap ... )

music composer engineer - wildcat808


music composer engineer

Specialized on hip hop and trap genres varies from sampled based music to totally from scratch beats Worked over 13 years in the local hip hop scene. Experienced on trap compositions mix & master Experienced working with Saffire pro 24 firewire two KRK´s Rokit 5 G4 Sennheiser hd 280 pro MacBook Pro core i5 16gb Ableton Live


Freelance Music Production - Erik


Freelance Music Production

Hi! I am a freelance music producer, composer, mixing/mastering engineer, and artist all in one. I'm not a professional, so I don't charge like one. After all, I do this for fun anyways! Sound fair to you? Send me some words and let's get started!


Mixing Engineer Music Producer - Anthony

Los Angeles

Mixing Engineer Music Producer

A 20 year music business acumen, four-time Grammy Award winning Mix Engineer/ Producer Anthony Kilhoffer has worked for visionary artist such as. Kanye West, Travis Scott, John Legend, Kid Cudi, Michael Jackson, Jay Z, Vince Staples, Zayn Malik, Madonna, Skepta, DJ Khaled, Pusha T, Meek Mill, Rels B, John Butler, Sheck Wes, Lil Peep, Audrey Mika

"Renaissance Producer "  - Kiambu!

East Pittsburgh

"Renaissance Producer "

Allow me to help you take your music career to the next level, producing instrumentals, mixing or ghost producing for you. With 10 years of experience producing I will make sure we are on the same page to manifest your musical ideas to a 2019 reality! I specialize in Hip Hop, Trap, Pop, EDM, R&B-Soul, Electronic, Latin Trap, World


Producer, Mixing & Mastering - GXXDMOVE


Producer, Mixing & Mastering

Vibrant rhythms and songs full of life await you!

Music Artist - JPB


Music Artist

Experienced music producer, fluent in mixing & mastering. Music tells more than words - listen to my music & make up your own opinion

Producer  Recording Studio - Edmond


Producer Recording Studio

I'll create a radio-ready music


production , remote mix&master - NAFRI


production , remote mix&master

Certified engineer available for your Beat Making, Mixing & Mastering, sound design ... Soon opening first Recording venue.


'Beat Maker/ Producer' - Andrew


'Beat Maker/ Producer'

I'm a hybrid Trap/Rnb Producer with EDM influences. I'm the best Beat Maker in Portland OR, hands down. I've worked with Ableton for 3 years, and have a music background of 9+ years of Classically trained Piano and 5+ years of Drums.


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