Record, Edit, Mix, and Play! - Ben




Record, Edit, Mix, and Play!

Tonmeister, mix engineer, and multi instrumentalist. My recent Beyoncé cover video has 200k+ views on YouTube.

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Radio Quality Mix and Master - Lormat


Radio Quality Mix and Master

Want you music to sound radio worthy?, Here at Lormat Audio Services that’s what we offer. We pour our hearts into each project to give it the best sound quality ever. Stop waiting for big name mixing engineer to start paying attention to you and start making you name "The Big Name" in the market, by letting us work with you.

Session Pianist and Composer - Zeff


Session Pianist and Composer

I studied Piano for almost 17 years, I graduated from one of the most prestigious Conservatory of Italy (G. Rossini Conservatory of Pesaro) and i'm working as a session pianist for 3 years. I recorded in a lot of recording studios in Italy (first on all Milano's Studio 7 in SAE institute) and i'm a full time composer.

Professional Singer/Songwriter - NATALIE


Professional Singer/Songwriter

Singer/Songwriter - Natalie Imani is an international touring vocalist, including currently touring with John Legend. Other credits include Lauryn Hill, Fergie, La La Land. For the past 10 years, she has been performing as a solo artist and a supporting vocalist for many of the industries greatest artists.

Engineer, produce with a team, - Jessica


Engineer, produce with a team,

Hi, my name is Jessica Chapman and I've been an Audio Engineer for over 8 years. I've worked with well known producer's in the hip hop/R&B world. Atlanta born and raised. I'm a freelance Audio Engineer here with live sound work and recording, mixing mastering.

Mixing, Drummer, Producer - Andrea


Mixing, Drummer, Producer

My goal is to deliver powerful and defined mixes without compromises, focusing on your needs and the fulfilment of them, keeping fast and clear comuniction. There is more: as professional drummer, I can record high quality drums if required. I will be satisfied if you will be pleased working together.

Music Composition - Al


Music Composition

My field is simply creating music for films, TV shows, and video games. The genre is pretty wide as I compose Drama, Action, Horror, and Romance. I also compose digital symphonies, that means I work alone and I don't have a band or an orchestra group, its all created digitally, but close enough to reality, using real pre-recorded instruments.


Mastering, Mixing, Stems - Clubmastering


Mastering, Mixing, Stems

Clubmastering is a 100% analog mastering studio specialized for vinyl and digital releases, our Set up is studied for groove oriented electronic music and electronic music, we work with a lot of labels and artists such: Religio records, Innatural records, Ivan Iacobucci.. we guarantee 100% analog signal path & mastering grade stuff

Music producer  - Kuts

Newcastle upon Tyne

Music producer

Worked with Legion, Kush-T, ZamJ, YRKE and many more. Specialising in old school hip hop sound.


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