New Wave! Singer-songwritter - Maga


New Wave! Singer-songwritter

New Wave. Music and creativity for your brand, musical project, advertising and more!

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Versetile vocals - Tammy


Versetile vocals

I'm in need of lucky lyrics to find their way to my valuable vocals which will than turn into hot hits!


Music producer, Multi-inst - Steph


Music producer, Multi-inst

I'm a producer, composer and arranger, but also multi-instrumentalist songwriter, I can produce songs for you to suit your style from scratch. I work in many genres, especially world music, electro jazz, acoustic, blues, Indie rock and prog rock. I'm particularly specialized in Video / Documentary / Movie / TV / Jingle music.


Female Vocalist - Priya


Female Vocalist

Hi! I'm a professional singer based in India. I'm classically trained and have a considerable experience in the recording industry in the Indian music genre. I have worked on several commercial projects. I also make covers on songs that inspire me. I am versatile and would like to experiment with genres outside of my comfort zone.


Production and Songwriting - Peaks


Production and Songwriting

Lush and Lofty vibes. The future of sound.


Mixing And Mastering Engineer - Shreyans

New Delhi

Mixing And Mastering Engineer

Enhancing Your Recordings To Life!!


Recording Studio, Mix/Master - Dany


Recording Studio, Mix/Master

Get high quality mixes/masters for an affordable price!! I mix/master most of my own songs. You can find out more about me here:


Mixer/Producer/Writer - Chris

Los Angeles


I’ve been fortunate enough to be professionally involved in the music business for over 17 years. In this time I’ve worked in various capacities on over 70 major label releases (19 certified platinum) and about 25 indie records. My services include Producing, Recording Engineer, Mixing, and Writing.

Music Producer - Niky


Music Producer

Im Niky, part of an italian duo called "yofellas". also members of "Crossfingers" with the same partner. in 2015 we was Grammy Award Nominated with the track "Falling Out". we produce several generes and style such as Pop, Future Bass, Dubstep, Trap, House and many others.


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