Hip Hop Recording Studios, Mix & Mastering Engineers

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Photo of LYFEMixBTM

I'm guaranteed to bring all of your musical needs and experiences to LIFE.

Photo of Cex

sound engineer specializing in vocals by genre in hip hop and rock, editing, tuning, mixing and mastering

Photo of Incredible916 Studio

Let us help your music sound incredible at Incredible916 Studio. With a unique approach on sound, we push a progressive process to bring out the best in your music. Whether it’s a two track mix or multitrack we will help you accomplish what you need.

Photo of ghxstboii

Need a verse, beat, mixing or cover art I got you!

Photo of DJ LoFty

i am one of the many DJs and Producers who live to create good music with good beats, wonderful melodies and much more! yeah i guess that is it.

Photo of NAIIM

I have been writing HipHop and R&B songs for almost 10 years now. And have been mixing records for 3 years.

Photo of Obey zay

Wrote 2 records for rap artist Dave east and I also worked with jhene aiko.

Photo of Qwueen Blackk (Asia Blanco)

🎶When I step into the rap game. I will not be the nice type. You BARK and NO BITE but Im the FIGHT TYPE THE grab a KNIFE TYPE HITS Hard Like Mike Tys When it comes to this RAP GAME I'LL ALWAYS win the HEISMAN🎶

Photo of Kenny

First song got 30k plays and second got 43k plays on Soundcloud.

Photo of The Attic Studio NYC

We are creatives, & are very keen in providing quality work.

Photo of Beats By Ko

I’m a professional mixing and mastering engineer. I also produce. I have 15+ years experience in the music business as an engineer. I will take your project to the level it deserves to be on.

Photo of Kushest

Professional mixing and mastering with a unique sound that can't be duplicated. I strive to become a leader in the industry and only work with the best of the best software.

Photo of Brian Fombona

Been learning from some of the top names in the game.

Photo of Davon Martin

The Unitt will make your sound into music

Photo of Zenus Dismukes

Producer/Melody Specialist

Photo of wrx the producer

Have been mixing & mastering professionally about a year!

Photo of Joe Marsh

I will help produce your music to a high quality and also produce instrumentals or tracks for your projects. I can compose soundtracks, jingles and background music for your projects. I'm a passionate music producer looking to gain more experience and work on exciting projects.

Photo of xXUltraPeePiXx

I'd like to make music with you and & apply it to some stories I've written comics for. My intention is to keep working on this with different artists in an effort further push the project into animated content for music videos, art galleries & even live performances. I already have a visual art team but I need some girls willing to voice & sing.

Photo of NoNameMusic

Take your tracks to the next level of professionalism with an easy-listening, warm, punchy but exciting mix and glossy post-production (I don't do IRC codes so I won't use the term "Master"). Analog and analog-emulated equipment paired with experienced ears work together to ensure making your music sound it's best while preserving your vision!

Photo of Lamar Laing

Audio Engineer based in Atlanta. Known for having an eclectic sound that can't be heard anywhere else.

Photo of Prophet Mixing

Graduate from Los Angeles Recording Arts School with an Associate's Degree in Audio Production. Worked side-by-side with 4-time Grammy award winning Engineer Joel Numa as well as Engineered sessions with Duke Dumont, Young Chop, and many other artists at Wyman Records and Big Fish Audio. Currently Lead Engineer at Artist Development in Valencia,CA.

Photo of Maor Sound

Fueled by passion for music and innovative vision to further enhance today's culture, Maor Sound is multifaceted range and ever evolving sound of Hip-Hop on an edge. His firstcredit to fame was in 2014 when A$AP Ferg performed a unreleased single "Harlem On The Rise" at 2013 Coachella which spiraled to a world collaboration with Spice & Bunji Garli


Unique sounding production, professional understanding of enhancing any type of audio. Industry standard professional, Bachelors in Audio.

Photo of Tim Aliev Mixing

I always take into account the wishes of the customer in order to achieve better success together. I hear you and your music.

Photo of BLAZ3R

I have won many freestyle battles and I am on soundtrap and RapPad.

Photo of N01SES

“deemed an apostle before the reckoning, my spirit needs no questioning, used to speak with hesitance, but now my words is heaven sent..” I have lyrically worked with Odd Future, NRK, Lamar Jay and multiple talented up & comers. If you are looking for vocabulary and wit in your music, then we should definitely work. In the end, it’s about the music

Photo of Elite Sound

The quality you deserve

Photo of Medicinal

Experienced in all essential aspects of working with sound, including acoustics, tracking, editing, MIDI sequencing, configuring signal flow, microphone choice and placement, dynamic signal processing, equalization, and mixing among many other areas, I am eager to bring my experience, knowledge, and professionalism to a creative team.

Photo of Danae Condra

I have a quick turnaround and I love working with many different genres.

Photo of Freshwater Studios


Boutique music production studio located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Credits include Joey BadA$$, Pro Era, Mick Jenkins & CJ Fly.

Photo of Kamer

Inspired by Hip-Hop's original legends, I'm making modern beats and mixes fresh again.

Photo of Cody Paul Music

I can fulfill all of your music needs with remote mixing, mastering, writing, and producing.

Photo of T.frio

Official.. Serious Artist Only!!!

Photo of Jsph Lior

My name is Jsph Lior, I am a producer,songwriter,engineer, and artist! Basically your one stop shop ! I’ve worked with numerous of artist from Phoenix AZ, Los Angeles, to even Africa & the UK. For all of your music needs, I got you covered !

Photo of NoLifeCell

You can search NoLifeCell and go through the catalog. I like my work to speak for itself.

Photo of Sprove

Why go to anyone else for your music needs. My songwriter inspiration comes from the likes of R Kelly, Three Six Mafia, Wiz Khalifa, Young Thug, and Future, Prince, and many more. You'll hear differentiation in my songwriting.


Just listening to my music and if you're interested, text me and let's create magic.

Photo of M-Kay

I make beats for all musicians with great and unique talents. The beats will be made from the scratch according to your demands. Plus, I pay close attention to details. Email me if interested at mkaymusique@gmail.com

Photo of Ian Robert

I'm a music producer and have self-taught myself how to mix and master tracks/songs suitable for most streaming services including Spotify and Soundcloud. I'm also an artist that has been releasing EDM music since May 2019. I have also created multiple Hip-hop instrumentals and have collaborated with rappers.

Photo of ShathePlugg

Im a creative that is fully dedicated to help get or give you the quality and sound you are looking for.

Photo of Mr. A2MFNK

Let’s make some Loko music together!

Photo of Mix Master Engineer Amsterdam

Mix and master with a unique sound you never have heard before!

Photo of Mateus Seth

I mix your VOCALS and master your SONG for a professional standart in the industry as it grows demanding more quality and professional sound.

Photo of Soundskillz

I'm a music producer, artist and engineer from Lisbon, Portugal. I also own a studio here (www.thelxsound.com) I have written, co-written and produced countless tracks for artists all over Europe, including for 2019 Czech's Eurovision. I care about each and every single piece of music I work on and I value quality above everything.

Photo of Dread Pitt

Blending world music with hip hop, trap, and other rhythms.

Photo of Brandon Papp

I make my own music and I understand how special every creation is, I will treat your music with all the care in the world and will deliver an industry level product.

Photo of Kayo Man

Hip Hop, R&B and Popular music are my specialties. I take pride in telling fans a story, spitting truth and positive vibes, something they can relate to and something they can Bop to! Vocally, my range is very broad, so if you need variety with high and lows, I’m your man!

Photo of K. T.

Get a royal sound, I have been featured by Artists such as Lil Boosie. Ill do all the footwork for you, you just have to let me know where to go.

Photo of Lxrd Astro

I’ve been producing,rap/singing, and engineering my own vocals for 5 years now. I’m looking for serious artists to build with.

Photo of Eric Birtell

I work in and around all genres with a in the box approach to get your records sounding amazing!

Photo of Paul-Aaron Wolf

Make a difference. Creative beats with a certain feel and experimental sound. Tape aesthetics in your mix. Special sounding samples to refresh your track. A new way to approach your music.

Photo of Straed

Music Producer

Photo of Behind Barz Recording Studio

My name is Bobby Barz I'm the owner/lead audio engineer at Behind Barz Recording Studio. I specialize in the hip hop genre. Most of my experience comes from online courses, research and the trial and error method. After disappointment from other studios I took it upon myself to master the craft and produce a quality sound that artist deserve.

Photo of M.S.I

Greetings, My name is Maasai, I'm a member of the American Society of Composers and Publisher, a member of the City of Evanston's Art Council, and I own A.M Muse Collab, a music publishing, production, and performance company in my acumen. I specialize in Hip-Hop, Electronica, and have started production for a short dance film series in Chicago

Photo of Produced by MELK

Your vision is my vision. My goal is to bring your ideas to life! I promise to deliver quality product & help you achieve your sonic goals!

Photo of 4EyezWD

I will expertly mix your sound the way you want it, creating a complimenting and exhilarating mix. I have been writing and editing music for about 3 years and want to deliver my skills to you. I also write verses and hooks to record or for ghostwriting. Inspirations include: Mac Miller, Earl Sweatshirt, Royce D'59, Flatbush Zombies.

Photo of Eric Barefield

If you're looking for real music, look no further. Musician, producer, mix engineer, and writer. Gospel, hip hop, pop, R&B, Contemporary, CCM, etc. If you love music like I do let make magic happen!

Photo of K👁V

I never resonated with the word “Yolo” because in reality we live everyday and only die once. Became inspired by MTL artists around me chasing their dreams. Housefly music helped me develop my first track, and I was sold. I’m a vocalist who can sing and rap in 3 languages. No matter what I go through... Music🎵 always picks me up from the ground.

Photo of Devin smith

I do professional Mixing, I do marketing, I’m on the road to open my Corp. I love to help, because I want to help you, Help us! , I’m good informed to help you achieve our Goals, I . Money I don’t care about, I only want you to contact me at smithNdevi94@gmail.com. I only want to work with They who really believes inn them self

Photo of Bako Lazarashvili

Full Sail Graduate 2019 Recording Arts - Bachelor's Degree GPA 3.60

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