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Audio Engineering - PKO.blivion Mastering Services

Digital mastering services preformed by an innovative engineer. I'm an experienced multi-instrumentalist, producer, and DJ who specializes in mastering music intended to be played at high volume through a large speaker configuration.

Session Guitarist - Lorenzo Price


I love to play, practice and perform my instrument. Yes, Art is subjective, but being a guitarist/musician is more than that, it's a craft.

Singer-Songwriter, Lyricist  - Mony

I am songwriter, singer, musician, arranger and occasionally a producer. Located in LA and London. Starting at age 9, I was playing guitar in my school orchestra. Later I pursued writing lyrics and composing music because it's my No.1 love and passion. I have released 12 singles and 2 EPs to date, I wrote the lyrics and produced the music.

analog tape and disk mastering - Andrew Hamilton Mastering

fine tuning mixes and transfer to master formats

i make covers, remixes - -

you can always be something

Recording & Mix Engineer - Rafael Rodriguez

One thing my clients will tell you is how much they appreciate that I give feedback and input into the record that is being worked on, from recording to mixing, every stage is so important. Getting the best quality and experience is very important to me so that you can leave with a record that you love and that fans can connect with.

Mix&Mastering Engineer - Andrew Versh


Guitarist , Song Writer,  - farahsultan

What you think about writing with music, is it not a good idea?

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