Mixing & Mastering Engineers who worked with Deutsche Post

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Composer, Arranger - Pascal Horn

From an idea to the score and a recording session. On this important journey I will always be a faithful companion and support your vision with the necessary expertise and professionalism as a studied composer, arranger and orchestrator to get the best out of the starting material.

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 - Silverbirch Productions

High end Mastering and Mix Facility. All Tube and Class A outboard gear and Pro Tools 10. Reasonable rates, professional major label quality. Experienced engineers.

recording/production - Plinio ( ZINC LABZ )

hey my name is plinio i've been doing music for 18 years!! i love putting love into my work and making sure every clients vision comes to life i'm very honest and love working hands on with artist and showing them the way i'm also an artist developer so that's a plus in this field alot of engineers have no passion and are just about the money

Home Studio, Music Producer - Zuka&SS

I´m an Acoustics Engineer and i do digital audio edition, mixing and productions. I can bring your song into life if you don't find the way. It takes time to get the finish product but trust me, it's going to be amazing! I hope work with you and get the best results!

Produce, Engineer, Mix, Master - Renderic Studios

Visionary, forward thinker, creative, musician, composer, engineer and producer. I own several studios and a Fine Arts Academy. I love to help others feed their passion for all types of music, especially in the analog domain.

Post Audio, Mix & Mastering - G|FCTR Ventures

Your Podcast or VLOG has great content right? It looks great on Youtube right? But the audio sounds like you recorded in a cave! No need to feel embarrassed about your Podcast | VLOGS audio any longer! GFV can take care of all of that noise, to make your production sound professional to match your content!

Bass-tronaut / low-end-gineer - Scotty Piper

Want to excite your sub frequencies? Deep, dirty, synthy and mysterious like the Mariana Trench? Funky slap bass from outer space? Cliche's of country and blues? Fuzzed out riffs with thundering fingers? Nobody movin' if the bass ain't groovin'.

Songwriter, Rapper, Comedian - Rob Tanchum

Catchy melodies, effortless flow, unique rhymes, quotable lyrics. Give me any topic and I will write you a banger. I specialize in comedy hip hop songs, but I'm versatile and will happily calibrate to match your artistic voice.


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