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Mastering / Mixing / Post-prod - Balazs Katona 1000+ production

Mixing and mastering engineer, has been involved in more than 1,000 productions over the past 10 years. Specializes in creative mixing and performance post-production. Let's work together to achieve a high quality goal. Contact me through the green button above and let's get to work!

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Custom MIDI Programming - Don Slepian

Noted ambient electronica composer & performer Don Slepian designs and builds electronic music studios. Difficult studio and stage performance problems solved. Tour equipment support.

Produce, Mix, Music Video Edit - Chuck W.

I am a lifelong musician with an ear for detail. No matter what you feel you're missing within your track, we will find out what that is and fix it together. Except singing ... You don't want to hear me sing.

Arrange orchestra trailermusic - Koen Janssen

Koen Janssen (born February 6, 1981) is a composer from Belgium, currently residing with Warner Chappell PM and dos brains. His debut album, “Alive” (2019), which is released worldwide on October 31th 2019 tells a musical story about the journey through life. From “Essence Of Life” too “Rebirth”.

advising - ashgrey

one top credit

mobile development game & ios - CMOLDS

CMOLDS prides on owning the best names in the iOS and Android app stores through smart, innovative thinking and execution approach. Our developers and strategists are well-versed in creating top applications and mobile games for both established enterprises startups. https://www.cmolds.com/

Production, Mixing,Composition - Manuel Federici


Italian music producer, composer, and mix engineer, who has worked with some of the most known trailer music publishers such as Elephant Music, Dos Brains, Infrasound Trailer Music, Tonal Chaos, Divergence Trailer Music and Synapse Trailer Music.

Spotify Canvas Animator - Mavis Everett

I love music and I make things move! Let me make your music move :) Everybody loves a video loop, so let's make your dope track even doper by having the perfect lil animation to go with it and burn it into their brains foreverrrr.

 - Terence Costello

I am a music producer and songwriter with more than 10 years of experience. I work with rappers and singers. I have a studio in Pasadena, CA where I bring dreams to life. I work to help artists get through the creative brainstorm, discover their musical uniqueness, and produce something that sounds as good in real life as it does in their heads.

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