Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with BlewMoonNio

Producer/Recording Engineer - ProdByZebo

Hit me up for mixing mastering and beats!

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Rock'n'Roll Producer - MX-SISTEMM

MX-SISTEMM technical support for bands from recording to stage !

Music Producer - Bounce

I am a producer / composer / engineer based in Hamburg, Germany. I have worked for numerous gold- and platinum-artist in Germany, UK & US such as: Lil'Kim, Pharrell Williams, RZA (Wutang Clan), Coolio, Rick Astley, The Underdog Project, Sarah Connor, Andrea Berg, Beatrice Egli, Vanessa Mai & Semino Rossi

Singer - Siobhan O'Neill

Bright, open vocals. Low/Mezzo female range Blues/Soft Pop ideal genre.

Singer - Topliner -Vocal coach - Victoria Taylor

Looking to top line with inspiring producers and create songs for emerging artists. I long to continue to create a genuine and honest piece of artwork with you.

Composer, Producer, Engineer - Scott Mitchell

Passion is what drives us, mine is the universal language of music.

Mixing and Mastering  - Zo Alston

I'm an Engineer, Producer, and Multi-Instrumentalist originally from Newport News, VA. I currently reside in Richmond, Va, where I work at GoodPeeples Studios and finishing up my undergrad at VCUARTS as a percussion major. I have a wholistic understanding and knowledge behind production, musical execution, and mixing of all genres.

Hip-hop/Rap songs - BASKEM

French underground hip-hop/rap. I had started write my firsts verses around 2002/2003 and record this around 2005/2006 and I make beats since 2005. I make mixtapes and albums on my life and people I cross, love, hate, happiness and joy. Respect people and love yourself !!

EDM Production & Mixing  - DEYA

I have a Bachelor's degree in Music Production & Technology and I have more than 3 years of experience in the field.

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