Hip Hop Bassoon

These professional bassoonists will write, arrange, perform, and record on tracks in any style or genre you need

Music Producer and Composer - Kaizo


Music Producer and Composer

Really I've only worked for friends in the past, but I'm self taught and very familiar with music theory and the software that I use. I really enjoy producing music and I hope I can have the chance to make a name for myself on here. Any reasonable price is okay, I would be happy to let the employer decide.


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I try to create things - JeremLccd


I try to create things

JeremLccd, Musician, Arranger, Producer, Mixer Engineer, Drummer, FOH engineer. Recent Projects : EP "ESCALE" by illi

Recording mixing mastering - MaC


Recording mixing mastering

Platinum audio engineer very swift and attentive fluid with pro tools known for providing a clean sound and bringing the clients vision to life.

Remote Mixing & Mastering Pro - T.


Remote Mixing & Mastering Pro

New on the scene to SoundBetter.com. I may not have industry credentials under my belt, but I GUARANTEE I will provide just as good quality mixing/final product at a FRACTION of the cost!

MusicComposerCreativeCatalyst - Saint

Los Angeles


Choose Life. YOU are the most important ingredient to music.


Session Bassist,Music producer - JayBassMusic

Fort Lauderdale

Session Bassist,Music producer

Multi-instrumentalist, BGV’s, music producer and sound engineer


Drum/Percussion Tracks - Garrett


Drum/Percussion Tracks

Your dream drum track in 3 days.


Singer, music producer, mixing - Luis

Mexico City

Singer, music producer, mixing

A young, latin, queer, music producer that will take your work as far as you want to go.


Songwriting - Rose



Experienced writer with a knack for emotive, melancholy tracks

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