Trap Acoustic Guitar

These pro session acoustic guitarists are ready to strum, pluck, and fingerpick on your song in whatever style, tone, or genre you need

Hip Hop, Trap, Reggeaton - Shelby

71036 Lucera

Hip Hop, Trap, Reggeaton

I’m a beat maker, classical guitar and master with a degree in conservatory, I produce mostly Hip Hop Trap and Reggaeton. I play and listen to music from a very small age, I think music is my reason for life, that’s why in every job I give up even a part of myself, I hope you can appreciate my art, good life to all.(excuse me for my English)


Music Producer - Star


Music Producer

My work isn't done unless my client is satisfied.


Recording studio, producer - jpag


Recording studio, producer

Recording studio and production of Indie and trap music.


French Producer - N@dr0j

30200 Bagnols

French Producer

You want some french touch on your next project ? I can help you in some way : Beatmaking, Record & Mix, Guitarist, Vocalist,..


Music Producer  - JvaldoBeats


Music Producer

I am ready for the struggle of being an artist but in a bigger scale. I've been making beats for smaller artists on soundcloud and i have an album on the making. Really looking forward to make the scene more unique with my stuff!

Beatmaker | Mixer | Producer - DaLick

Buenos Aires

Beatmaker | Mixer | Producer

Handcrafted Beats - Details makes the difference. My principal strength is the orchestral and cinematic arranging, making every beat an adventure to be lived, all the sounds that you don't hear, but you feel deep inside.

I'm a producer / Guitarist  - Addie

Sydney NSW

I'm a producer / Guitarist

I produce what you have in mind by adding layers, guitars and unique factors to the track according to your preference. For eg, Including guitars on a trap beat


Music Producer, Audio Engineer - Alessio


Music Producer, Audio Engineer

In years of experience in music production and mixing, i have produced many emerging artists. I am available for taking on new work and build up ideas at higher level.

Audio Services - Andre

Cape Town

Audio Services

I enjoy creating space for music to express itself. I have worked with many up and coming musicians to bring their music up to professional standards. Graduated top of class in 2017 from Boston City Campus School of Music Production.


Mixing/Mastering/Production - Jack



I mix and master records to help artists develop a unique sound, using Grammy award winning experience, to take your songs from demo to professional radio ready singles.

Music Producer, Mixing Enginee - Maze(Jack)

09013 Carbonia

Music Producer, Mixing Enginee

Producer of many project: -Marvin the martial on youtube by Lil Ony. -Mixing music engineer on course by Fuad Murad. -Producer and mixing genre as Rock, Pop, Trap, Rap, Edm. Also Male Singer


Remote Mixing and Mastering - OHM


Remote Mixing and Mastering

Iv'e written numerous songs, produced numerous records. I believe I really feel music and that is what helps me achieve great results. When i'm producing I search for a wide, crisp sound, a harmony to be heard by others. That is what i can help your music to become.


Mixing, Mastering, Producer - BARRETO

Buenos Aires

Mixing, Mastering, Producer

I'm a producer, recording mixing and mastering engineer. Also play guitar in @bhaviboi band

Recording, Remote Mixing - "SONGS


Recording, Remote Mixing

The „SONGS & WHISPERS“ – STUDIO in Bremen ( is part of the "SONGS & WHISPERS" - MUSIC NETWORK ( and of the worldwide „SONGS & WHISPERS“ – STUDIO NETWORK (


Remote Mixing & Mastering - Mr.Brik

45019 Taglio di Po

Remote Mixing & Mastering

My sound is like a cloud, but it can be explosive like a thunderstorm!

Music Producer, Songwriter - Fanci


Music Producer, Songwriter

Helping you to reach your best

Mixing & Mastering, Producer - Johnny


Mixing & Mastering, Producer

I don't wanna be famous, i just wanna be heard.

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