Pop-Rock Acoustic Guitar

These pro session acoustic guitarists are ready to strum, pluck, and fingerpick on your song in whatever style, tone, or genre you need

Session Guitarist, Arranger - Pietro


Session Guitarist, Arranger

I specialize in pop/rock and fingerstyle guitar with jazz, gypsy jazz, flamenco, bossanova, funk and fusion influences. I can add guitar parts to your existing song or write an arrangement to your music ideas.

Studio Guitarist - Tal




Studio Guitarist

Providing the guitar sound your project needs is my main passion. Show me what you've got, and I will come up with the right parts or simply describe what you have in mind and I will do the rest. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Session Guitarist/Producer - Andy


Session Guitarist/Producer

Hey. I'm Andy. I am a session guitarist & producer, and I want to help you make amazing music. I have delivered high-quality online guitar tracks and remote production to tons of clients. Together, we can bring your music to life. Let's make something awesome!

Artiste musical - Quentin

14000 Caen

Artiste musical

J’apprends en permanence et je fais preuve d'abnégation en toutes situations. Vous aider est mon leitmotiv !

Background Vocals - Singer - Jeremy


Background Vocals - Singer

My credits range from background vocals on Meghan Trainor's album, Title, to being a runner up on NBC's The Sing-Off with my group Street Corner Symphony. I've worked with many other acclaimed artists such as: Alison Krauss, Ben Folds, Need To Breath, and Chely Wright I am also an artist/writer signed to Big Yellow Dog in Nashville, TN.


Guitar, Vocals, Mixing - BFM


Guitar, Vocals, Mixing

Guitar, mandolin, soft and mellow, loud and hard, acoustic and electric. Add the diamonds and backup, write the lyrics and melody, add harmony. Whatever you want, we will add the beginning and finishing touches to make your song shine its brightest.


Guitarist, Music Producer - Nicholas


Guitarist, Music Producer

Guitarist with 45 years of professional work and many Broadway credits.

Singer-Songwriter - Nick

Los Angeles


I am a singer-songwriter who has been praised by industry professionals as "a writer with a complete grasp of emotional authenticity." Interested in collaboration and ghostwriting.


Sesion Musician, Remote Mixing - Josse


Sesion Musician, Remote Mixing

If you like excellence and high quality tracks.. I'm your guy.. Obssesive with sound and passionate for music.. Rythmic acoustic and electric guitar, Bass player. Remote mixing


Producer, Singer, Guitarist, - Jody

United Kingdom

Producer, Singer, Guitarist,

Superb Songwriter, Vocal arranger and Guitar Player. Featured song on MTV, latest work on "K2" Produced By Gary Miller (David Bowie, Elton John, Santana, Slash). Currently signed with PennyFly entertainment. The 8 Ball Sessions all produced by myself except from K2. Discography below.


Recording Studio, Songwriter - Danny

San Francisco Bay Area

Recording Studio, Songwriter

Burning heart acoustic instrumentals, reflective vocals and harmonies, and a true DIY songwriter, Danny Hauger carries the feel of California with the influence of the 90's to a modern mix of melodic retrospective playing.

Guitarist - Vocalist- Producer - Ken


Guitarist - Vocalist- Producer

26 years in the business, guitarist & vocalist, lover of all that is melodic, was Art Garfunkel's opening act, studio engineer and producer. Passionate about my work!


Guitarist & Music Producer - Stan

7468 Enter

Guitarist & Music Producer

23 years old from the Netherlands. Really interested in learning and writing new things and to jam with other musicians. Music styles: mostly Classic Rock, but also Blues, Pop(rock), Rockabilly and EDM. I am also interested in other styles.


Under construction - Under

7700 E Eagle Dr

Under construction

Under construction


Guitarist/Producer/Composer - Adam

Orange County


Guitarist (Acoustic, Electric, Bass) for over 15 years. Producing & Composing for 5 years.


Producer/Songwriter/Sessions - Vince



Grammy Award Winning / RIAA Certified Gold & Platinum Producer, Songwriter, Instrumentalist.

Home Studio, Session Guitarist - Ilya


Home Studio, Session Guitarist

I'm a session guitarist (acoustic and electric) and sitarist (Indian Classical Music). I have a Home Studio with high quality microphones and audio interfece to capture sound, emotions and atmosphere. BTW English is almost my second language and I'm great at listening and understanding client's needs.


Songwriting, Singing, Guitar - Gauri


Songwriting, Singing, Guitar

I write songs and sing them my heart out. I have wrote songs about Love, Life, Pain and other stuff which I can't wait to share with the people and express the emotions on behalf of all of us.


Session Guitarist  - Ziv



New York

Session Guitarist

I provide quality guitar production. I am looking forward to hearing and collaborating on your music!

Session Guitarist  - Chad



Los Angeles

Session Guitarist

I would love to collaborate with you! I have over 15 years of studio experience and hundreds of successful projects and happy clients here on this platform. Using industry-leading gear and effective communication, I will help you capture that sound you have in your head, record it with authentic instruments and return commercial quality tracks.

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