Choral Acoustic Guitar

These pro session acoustic guitarists are ready to strum, pluck, and fingerpick on your song in whatever style, tone, or genre you need

Music and Film Composer  - D.Alejandro


Music and Film Composer

Fire can burn people but it can shine on them too.I write mainly classical music and film scores with many types of orchestration.Currently composing for a film Beyond the Myst: The Lost Years Of King Arthur alongside with Edifice Of Echoes

Musician, composer, producer  - Franco


Musician, composer, producer


Vocal Artist / Voice Over - Shannon

Santa Clarita

Vocal Artist / Voice Over

I have a passion for singing, and feel it's an essential part of my day to day life.

Harmony Vocalist / Producer - Yann

Tel Aviv

Harmony Vocalist / Producer

I'm here to add lush, beautiful, moving harmony vocals or tasteful instrumentation and production to your song. And in general, I'm here to make your song sound the best it possibly can. I have a passion for creating and helping other people create. I invite you to see me as your musical partner.

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