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I've written songs for Luke Bryan, Kurt Nielsen, Home Free, Jamey Johnson, Diamond Rio, Parmalee and a ton more. I've had songs on the Billboard chart. The one thing I've learned is whether its pop, country or Americana the story has to sing.

-Reach out to me with information on your project. We will discuss the particulars.
-If you have an album but a particular style song is missing. Let's fill that gap.
-I will take your idea, tracks, lyrical topic and start writing it. If there is no track, I'll write on guitar.
-I will send a guitar/vocal, recorded on my phone for reference and demonstration purposes. So you can get the idea or topline melody.
-Whether you have a script and need a song to match the scene or you started a song and just can't finish it. I'm here to help. Maybe you are stuck and just need options, or you have a chorus but no verses or vice versa.
-I want you to LOVE the song. That's what this is all about. I usually try to stick with two re-writes/edits because I know the artistry has to be right. I do not sing, and I do not make tracks. I am the standard songwriter, lyricist, topliner. I know plenty of folks that sing and produce better than me if you'd like any references.

Would love to hear from you. Click the contact button above to get in touch.


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Songs are written on a split publishing basis––we co-own the song Work For Hire is also available---you own the song Depending on the song it may take 3 days. Rewrites take less.

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