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I've written songs for Luke Bryan, Kurt Nielsen, Home Free, Jamey Johnson, Diamond Rio, Parmalee and a ton more. I've had songs on the Billboard chart. The one thing I've learned is whether its pop, country or Americana the story has to sing.

-Reach out to me with information on your project. We will discuss the particulars.
-If you have an album but a particular style song is missing. Let's fill that gap.
-I will take your idea, tracks, lyrical topic and start writing it. If there is no track, I'll write on guitar.
-I will send a guitar/vocal, recorded on my phone for reference and demonstration purposes. So you can get the idea or topline melody.
-Whether you have a script and need a song to match the scene or you started a song and just can't finish it. I'm here to help. Maybe you are stuck and just need options, or you have a chorus but no verses or vice versa.
-I want you to LOVE the song. That's what this is all about. I usually try to stick with two re-writes/edits because I know the artistry has to be right. I do not sing, and I do not make tracks. I am the standard songwriter, lyricist, topliner. I know plenty of folks that sing and produce better than me if you'd like any references.

Tell me about your project and how I can help, through the 'Contact' button above.


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Songs are written on a split publishing basis––we co-own the song Work For Hire is also available---you own the song Depending on the song it may take 3 days. Rewrites take less.

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