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I'm a producer/recording artist hailing from Brooklyn, New York with 10 years of professional experience with live/percussive instruments that led me to touring the world. I just released a single "Flava", with Princess Nokia under the name "Kadi Haze" (changed my stage name) and I'm working with many more artists currently.

I've started off my music career learning from the all different types of drums and later on ventured into other instruments like cello and guitar. I've performed at the White House, in Brazil with Ile Aye and in Senegal with the Sabbar drummers of Yousou N'Dore. At age 16, I began to take my rapping career seriously and needed more beats to record over so I started producing on Maschine. I currently teach music production in a transfer school in the South Bronx, but I'm an exceptional producer with a rich understanding of all music types. I specialise in hip Hop and have many of the latest sounds in today's "trap scene".

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