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Britannia Row is one of the longest established and best known names in the audio recording world; first set up in 1976 by Pink Floyd, the studio has been involved with some of the best known and loved records of the last 30 years .

Studio 1 is a Neil Grant designed room featuring a 60 channel vintage Neve custom 51 with moving fader automation, vintage tube and class A outboard and the largest mic collection in the UK. The live room has variable acoustics, high ceilings, lots of backline and instruments including a Yamaha piano, Hammond C3 and Wurltzer.
Studio 2 is a digital writing/editing/vocal recording room with a vintage Neve vocal chain and spacious vocal booth. Ideal for large writing sessions or critical master vocal sessions with full access to the mic cupboard.
Studio 3 is designed mainly for editing and 'mixing in the box', with acoustics by EHZ. It also has a good sized booth and vintage Neve vocal chain so is ideal for smaller writing sessions as well as vocal recording.

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Gear Highlights
  • Vintage Neve 51 Console
  • Boxer T3 monitors
  • Universal Audio 176
  • Teletronix LA2A
  • Neve 2254E
  • EMT Quad Plate
  • Pultec EQs
  • AKG C12
  • Neumann U67
  • AKG C28a
  • STC Ribbons
  • AMS 1580
  • AMS RMX 16
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