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Paolo Coruzzi is an Italian singer-songwriter. His stylistic influence include classical, pop, rock, folk, jazz, world music. He is a singer, songwriter and guitarist; he has been writing and performing songs since the age of eight. All his production has realized by himself, from the creation to mastering, always exploring new way of sound.

…now he is an experienced performer as well as an accomplished song-writer with lots of experience in a live environment as well as in the recording studio. 
He has always had a passion for live performance, and more than a love of music, has matured in those years many experiences as director, actor and playwright in theater.
He always composed, produced and performed entirely his works by choosing a growth path which would lead him to the realization of his records and his performances in a totally autonomous.
Paul has a unique writing style that has emerged through the long past experiences around the world, through literary studies and ongoing poetic research that allowed him to win the 1st prize of poetry at the Pirandello Stable Festival.
His songs want to be like pictures: impressions of the surrounding world that affect the exact area of a canvas, placed to capture every quick frame of our lives.
Music is his guide, his life...his passion. 

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SNOW by Paolo Coruzzi

I was the Mixing Engineer, Songwriter, Arranger in this production

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