I offer short to medium length backing instrumentals and short scores for emotional, minimal, moody, tense, ambient, film / soundtrack use in commercials, short videos or as backing for songs. Using a variety of top-notch plug-ins in Cubase 9 and Abelton Live 9 Suite. Export to .wav or .mpeg. Host files available. Inquire.

I have been influenced by a lot of musical genres and styles including minimal, ambient, jazz, classical. country, folk, world and contemporary styles. I like to work around a beat that may be very minimal such as an arpeggio - either synth or sample, and build layers of instrumentation to fit the mood or story.

I often just let my mind go wherever and see what happens. I am influenced also by film scores and short melodies that stick in your head. I can write soft, almost transparent backing, intense layered structures, atonal or abstract scores for film or video or a mix of everything.

Each project is unique, and I like to get as much input up front as possible, to include examples, story, etc.

I like to have at least one week to turn a project around, so as to get the best idea and mix before providing an audio file. Additional changes may be made, however depending on the scope of the work to be performed, additional cost may be required.

Contact me through the blue button above and lets get to work.

Gear highlights

  • Cubase 9
  • Abelton Live 9 Suite and many top notch plug-ins for all occassions.

Genres I specialize in

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