Hello fellow musicians, producers, creators, collaborators
My name is Atara, and I am a singer of many different genres.
I can sing it all from Opera to screams. I am used on many different projects as a ghost singer for pop artists for being efficient and pitch perfect. Also used for writing lyric lines and harmonies. Professional and quick.

I have sung on video games, demo work, albums, and ghost singer for upcoming pop stars.
Most of my credits can't be shared because of ghost singing. I am looking for singing/demo work of all kinds. I can write melodies, as well as lyrics. I can harmonize, and am very proficient in the studio. Professional, and quick turnaround. Known for not having to use autotune to correct pitch.
Here is my demo video below. No autotune used for the recording process. All songs sung in one take all the way through the song:

Click the 'Contact' above to get in touch. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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    It was great to work with Atara! Very professional, good vocalist and understood what we where looking for. Took our track to new level. Will definately work with Atara again.

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