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Good audio or bad audio can be the reason audience loses their attention. We believe in delivering effective communications through great ideas & creative implementation; ideas that would help you connect with your audience at every level. Here at Adventure Man, we enjoy making the very best out of our client projects. May it be in audio or visual, we put our outmost detailed attention to your projects.

We specialized in music & mastering, vocal tuning, alignment & comping. Drum & bass alignment.

Daniel Krishnan

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My credits include

Gear highlights

  • Avid Pro Tools 12
  • Melodyne
  • Revoice Pro

Genres I specialize in

Terms of Service

If interested, reach out, describe your situation so the best decision can be made. If your budget is tight or lower than our rate we will do our best to match it or we may refer you to someone else.

Reviews of Daniel Krishnan

  • Default-avatar5 days agoby

    Daniel did the sound for my wedding. It was a basic sound system in the open air so vocals and guitars sounded muffled and either too soft or too loud. He came in, turned some knobs on the sound board, did some sound checks, etcetera and suddenly the sound was perfect. Vocals and guitars reverberated in the area clearly without sounding too loud. He's also a great guy.

  • Default-avatar10 days agoby

    He has shows excellence in his live sound mixing as a sound engineer, with remarkable aptitude in relating with musicians and vocalists. He has performed well as a live sound engineer for countless studio recordings, live concern recordings, video media recordings while maintaining professionalism and skill.

    I full endorse Daniel as a competent and skillful sound engineer.

  • Default-avatar11 days agoby

    Deliver high quality work and meeting short deadline every time .. highly recommended.

  • Listing_thumb_img_892212 days agoby

    Nice guy first and foremost. His knowledge on current music and what is needed is incomparable. Giving this guy to work on your album is quite an experience. Check him out!

  • Default-avatar12 days agoby

    Dan is an amazing sound engineer, the best I've worked with! He has an ear for music and always aims for perfection with all our recordings. He also helps by giving suggestions on how certain parts should sound like to make the songs sound even better. On top of that, he has a great attitude! Dan is so great to work with! Would definitely work with him again without a doubt. Thanks Dan! :D

  • Default-avatar12 days agoby

    Gets the job done exactly the way you want it. He's a wizard when it comes to making you sound good. One of the best engineers I've had the pleasure of working with.

  • Default-avatar13 days agoby

    Great dude with an awesome work ethic ;)

  • Default-avatar13 days agoby

    One of the best sound engineer I've known. Easy to work with!

  • Default-avatar13 days agoby

    I've worked with Daniel on all types of recording projects. I can say that he is very experienced, skilled and extremely committed to each project. A great ear and an awesome personality to boot! Put yourself in good hands and have a stress free concert / recording!

  • Default-avatar13 days agoby

    Always the best!

  • Default-avatar14 days agoby

    The best out there! Second to none! Check out one of his work.

  • Listing_thumb_14915554_10211607245440668_5056661411744252782_n14 days agoby

    One of the best and efficient sound engineers I've ever encountered!

  • Default-avatar14 days agoby

    My favourite audio engineer of all time!

  • Default-avatar14 days agoby

    One of the best sound engineers in Malaysia IMHO. Guy is lit! Worked with him on a few occasions, gotta say guy is really passionate and know his stuffs inside out.

  • Default-avatar14 days agoby

    One of the easiest people to work with. Passionate about live and studio sound, and definitely a go getter.

  • Default-avatar15 days agoby

    Daniel has a great set of ears, excellent skills and the ability to bring out the best in any production.

  • Picture?type=large15 days agoby

    Great engineer, whether in live sound or studio u have a peace of mind because he is handling the mix.

  • Default-avatar15 days agoby

    One of the creative and professional engineer i have ever seen. Quick on the job but still delivery's a great piece of art.

  • Default-avatar15 days agoby

    A professional Sound Engineer can be 100% trusted

  • Default-avatar15 days agoby

    One of the best Sound Engineers I know.

  • Picture?type=large18 days agoby

    Great engineer. Great workflow and quick on his feet.

  • Default-avatar18 days agoby

    Have always been a great fan of Daniel's Mixing (Studio & Live), He mixed for the Relent Album and for Every nation Church back In Malaysia, and it's all top Notch, he puts his heart into his job and he has a passion for sound, he don't just talk, he puts it in action too

  • Default-avatar18 days agoby

    One of the best engineers I have worked with.Initiative and excellent in making sure you get the best sound mix.

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