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Hi end recording studio, amazing acoustic live room, at very affordable price.

Our console is the Euphonix System 5 MC. Via the patch bay is a Studer A8000 24 track 2" tape machine connected to 2 parallel systems: Nuendo 5.5 (also, cuebase 6.5 upon request) and Pro Tools HD 9. These systems are connected through 3 Lynx AES16 cards and two Lynx Aurora16 converters for a total of 32 AD/DA transparent "pure" channels.
Our monitoring system is surround 5.1, made up of 5 Dynaudio BM15As and a Rythmik Audio F15 Sub (Direct Servo Technology). Additional monitoring is provided by a pair of Yamaha NS10s. Our monitors are controlled by the Dangerous Audio Monitor Control ST and SR Expander.
For headphone-monitoring we use the Hearback personal monitoring mixers, which provide each musician control of his/her own mix.

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Gear Highlights
  • Euphonix System 5 MC
  • Studer A8000 24 track
  • Hammond B-3 Organ with Leslie 122
  • Boston Grand piano
  • see web site for much more
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