Harris Gkioulistanis is a music producer, born in Athens, Greece. He is a musician also, playing percussion, guitars and bass.He is a Producer, a Mixing and Mastering Engineer working with many famous Greek artists.
His latest work is BEGGARS' new album called "It's A Devil's Highway" (rock 'n' roll/hard rock),released on March 2015.

Recording, Editing, Arrangeing, Vocal Comping, Vocal Tuning, Mixing, Stereo Mastering, Stem Mastering, Production, Noise Reduction, De-click, De-hum, EQ Matching,
Price range might be different uppon request.

Working as a Producer/Engineer/A&R @RecordsOnTop


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Gear highlights

  • Lexicon reverb
  • Genelec Monitors
  • Neve 2254 compressor
  • Neve 1073 preamp
  • ProTools

Genres I specialize in

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