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Octave Studio Kolkata is a reputable resource for music production and recording studio knowledge. It has become a gathering place for people involved in making music, or those interested to learn how & how to create music. Octave Studio is a Track Recording Digital/ Analogue multi-track recording studio. The primary focus of our studio is to give

Octave Studio Kolkata is a perfect studio to meet your specific needs and equipped with hi-end equipments, quality microphones, audio signal processors, track mixing, Voices Over Projects, Jingles, Demo CD, Language Translation Services, Recordings for Schools & Colleges, Corporate and Commercial projects.

Studio Equipments
Digital audio workstations
Mixing consoles RME fireface 400 & Focusrite
Microphones Neumann-TLM 103 & Audio Technica
Music sequencers Nuendo & Cubase
Speakers Genelec 8030c & M- Audio AV40
Yamaha midi Keyboard
Electronic Tuner
iZotope Ozone 6

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Gear Highlights
  • RME fireface 400
  • Neumann-TLM 103
  • Nuendo
  • Genelec 8030c
  • iZotope Ozone 6
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