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I make dope music, and have a good ear for quality.

I produce, song-write, record, mix, and light master music. I work on my own music primarily, but I have worked on projects for a few other artists as well. My outlook on music is that the quality of the music should match your vision, because what's the point of put your heart and soul into a song if it doesn't sound good in the end.

I use Logic Pro mainly, but I am proficient in FL, Reason, and Pro Tools as well. If you need mixing, my only requirements are that you send me all wav files (instruments/instrumentals and vocals) that you want included in the song, with any notes that you may have, as well as a vision for the song.

If you need a studio, I work at HTR studios in Inglewood. We have a great facility, and our outboard gear, microphones, and pre amps are top notch. The owner of the studio is also a super producer, who works with major artists, so he has tons of experience in making top quality songs.

As for me, in terms of production, I do mainly hip-hop, but I can do R&B and EDM as well. If you would like to hear my newest work, you can go to or

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me through this site or email me at

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Terms Of Service

Everything is really based off of what is verbally agreed upon. The typical turnaround time also depends on how much work is involved on a song.

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