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Session Bassist

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Hello! I'm a professional LA-based bassist & record tracks for artists all over the globe, & pride myself on creating the perfect bass part - whether it's a nice, warm/round tone, an edgy, driving part, or any sound whatsoever that you envision...I have the tools & a multitude of effects and sonic tricks to mold my bass lines to fit your songs!

As previously mentioned, I pride myself on creating the perfect bass part, no matter what sound(s) you are envisioning! My main objective is to serve the song in the best way possible, taking it to another level. Just as a strong house is not built on sand, a great song is usually built upon a strong rhythm section. Having played music since the age of 6, I have spent literally thousands of hours developing my craft, and the experience to know what works in the studio, in most styles of music. It all starts with a solid time-feel, strong groove and the ability to propel the song without detracting from any other parts. I have lots of examples of my playing, so please feel free to inquire! Most importantly, I have a positive attitude and I'm very easy to work with. I will usually provide at least several takes for you to choose from, all based on your direction and vision for the project. I have a professional home studio with high a quality Universal Audio interface, Logic Pro X or Pro Tools, and can send tracks in 24 bit, 48 khz wav format, or whatever you so desire.

Gear-wise, I have two custom Pavel de la Fuente 5 string jazz basses (60s & 70s style), a 1974 Fender Precision bass, Eastman upright bass, Aguilar TH amp, a 50s Rauland all tube head with original tubes (my secret weapon for recording!), great condenser mics & lots of effects if the situation calls for it ;)

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