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Remote mixing and mastering

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Creative, out of the box, musical. Unique sound for each project, not templates. Two REALplate verb, springs, compressors, tube eq´s. Satisfaction guaranteed. Won´t hesitate to do whatever the project needs to get there. Global Music Award. 2 Grammy nominations. Various MTV Awards.

Almost 30 years of experience. Musicality. I want to help you create your own sound. The real thing, great hardware, software, acoustics and most importantly: Know how.

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Enrico Chapela

I was the recording, mixing and mastering engineer in this production

Terms Of Service

As many revisions as needed, as long as they are reasonable requests, and not going in circles. Turn around as fast as possible. Recall in mastering costs 50%

Gear Highlights
  • Emt plate reverb
  • Ecoplate plate reverb
  • BX15 reverb
  • SSL mixer
  • Bettermaker mastering chain
  • Pulteq Eq
  • Retro 176 pair
  • Retro 2a3
  • Thermionic Rooster and Pullet passive mid eq
  • AML 54f50
  • U33 Vari Mu
  • 902 de-essers
  • Burl AD
  • Urei La3a and 1176
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Mastering: $60 per track. Mixing only $350 per track. Mixing and mastering $380