Davide Anselmi is the Italian Award-Winning Drummer, Guitarist, Songwriter/Lyricist, Discographic Producer and Composer for Discovery Channel, BBC, AMC, Soundtrack Engineering department Art Director for Maze Runner 3 & Pacific Rim 2.

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Interview with Davide Anselmi

Analog or digital and why?
The secret lies in this. The work is based on the distinctive fusion of both. And that's why in February, when the project will be launched on the market will be something new and unusual in the field of music production.
What's your 'promise' to your clients?
Efficiency, excellent recording quality, professional mastering effected by an ornate engineering team, professional equipment and high quality, practicality and good reception, very good music and work experience, support of an experienced team, speed and quickness with excellent results.
Tell us about your studio setup.
My recording studios are in my record label the UNDERSTUDIOS Entertainment™ LLC, called STUDIOS™, were carried out on two levels through the "AirRec" technology developed entirely by me and my sound engineer, and is the only working prototype, with an acoustic resolution that goes beyond the hq and fully functional.