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Doctor , Podcaster

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Doctor , Podcaster

Iman Kamali Hakimzadeh, born in 1982, is an Iranian physiotherapist. He is the founder and present owner of Saadatabad Physiotherapy Clinic in Tehran.

Location: Tehran
Place of study for Ph.D. in Physiotherapy: Tehran University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences

Iman Kamali Hakim comes from Mazandaran and his family lives in Sari. He studied at primary to high school in the same city. Afterward, he went to Tehran to pursue his studies in physiotherapy.
Iman Kamali Hakim took the M.Sc. entrance exam of physiotherapy in 1392 and was accepted as the 1st rank in Iran University of Medical Sciences and became a member of the Elites Organization of the university. His paper titled "The effect of dry needling on the active trigger point of upper trapezius muscle: Eliciting local twitch response on long-term clinical outcomes" was published in the prestigious foreign journal "Back and Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation."
In 2000, he was accepted as ranked 10 in the Ph.D. entrance exam of physiotherapy and continued his education in the doctoral program of physiotherapy at Tehran University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences.

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