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Singer: Like: TBoz, Sza or Sade Songwriter: Many years of experience writing lyrics, witty words, from hood slang to classy upscale lyrics. Music Producer: I make different types of instrumental beats from world to hip hop, R&B etc. If you need beats feel free to hit me up. Also interested in recording artists with budding careers who need help.

Cosmopolitan person of the world. Born in England, raised in Africa, lives in the USA. I have listened to and appreciate all types of music from bare easy going traditional to "very" manufactured songs with all the bells and whistles. Lyricist/songwriter/vocal producer/beat maker/music producer available for your project. As a singer, I can sing like Toni Braxton, TLC's TBoz, Sza or Sade, and can be a reference demo singer for a professional singer with all the Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey like vocal layering and theatrics you can think of, which is what contemporary published music is made of, which many vocalists won't out-rightly offer because it is much more work for them, and a better product for you, but note that I don't sing at that level, I only know how to get that kind of performance out of professional singers. is my website. I sang My Black Is Beautiful and No Bounds. Feel free to listen. Haven & Tumbling Down were sung by professional demo singers. Ask if you have any questions. Blessings!

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It's up you. However, I don't like to be rushed bcos it's is something you will live with. Prefer to write various versions of lyrics to any track so you can choose the best version suitable for u.

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More about the vision than the money. Hit me up!