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I love working in the studio and am always looking for new people to work with. I really like people like Daniel Lanois and Michael Stavrou. I always take the time to do my best and am always looking to make the art the best it can be.The creative process always can lead to something new and original when working together towards the same goals.

As a sideman or soloist I have been doing studio work and shows for 15+ years now. My first studio gig was working with Theo Busch(bands Rontheo and Habittitbi)on an internationally acclaimed tribute to Jack Treese(2013 "Charles Cros" award for best music world album).Since then I worked on numerous projects(10+ albums) I play all different kinds of guitars and closely related string instruments. I can also spend hours making hybrid analgue/digital audio signal paths for unique sound design.My mixing skills are good too and I know all the ins and outs of drum programming.

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