Hey guys, new to this site. I have a couple months of down time before I'm on the road so thought I'd put this up. I have worked with Foster the People, Slash, Marina and the Diamonds, Kerli, Talib Kweli, Juliette Lewis, DJ Chucky, Monarchy, and many more.

I've been producing professionally for the last 8 years. I've had several dance songs go to #1 or #2 or many different countries including a #2 album on iTunes Dance in the United States. I produce and mix for all my own music and various other pop acts, as well as mix less electronic such as pop or classical pieces involving many instruments

Can produce full songs, write melodies, mix songs, record vocals. Whatever you need, especially in electronic, hip hop, and pop music.

Specialize in Pro Tools and Ableton, medium knowledge of Bitwig and Logic.

Classically trained pianist.

Hope I can help your next project!

Genres I specialize in

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