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Ian Smith is a highly experienced and accomplished professional saxophonist and woodwind player working at the highest levels of the industry. As a versatile instrumentalist, Ian has developed a reputation as a first call musician for a variety of projects from concerts, through to theatre and primetime TV and Radio shows.

Ian offers a first class online session service enabling clients to obtain top quality saxophone, flute or clarinet tracks for their own recording/media projects without the hassle of hiring expensive studio space and enabling producers to keep costs to a minimum.

If you require a Sax or Woodwind track send Ian the music (pdf), if possible, and a description of what you want played and how you want it played. In addition, send along an mp3 of the current tracks (ideally with a guide track, but not essential).

Ian will then record your requested track(s) using Logic Pro X and then send you a low quality mp3 of the completed tracks back for your perusal and approval. After the client is 100% satisfied, the full quality, unprocessed sax/woodwind track(s) is then sent direct to the client to use as they wish.

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  • Logic Pro X - Mojave MA200 Mic
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